Vishwaroopam: Anti-Muslim or Muslim’s Pride

29 Jan

Vishwaroopam movie wallpaperIn yet another religious controversy over a film, the Tamil Nadu government has banned the screen of Vishwaroopam in the state by fifteen days from the original scheduled date. Allegations have been made by various Islamic organizations which include the Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazagham (TMMK) stating that the movie is trying to project Indian Muslims as terrorists. TMMK says that it “targets Muslims and their beliefs”. The protesters even burned the posters of the movie and shoe-slapped Kamal Haasan’s images in front of his office in Chennai. TMMK leader Jawahirullah said “There is a danger that the public may view any Muslim with a beard as a terrorist waiting for an opportunity to plant a bomb.” Apart from Tamil Nadu, the movie also suffered protest in Andhra Pradhesh, Karnataka and Kerala. In Malaysia and Sri Lanka the film was removed out of theatres, citing the ban in Tamil Nadu.

Protest against Vishwaroopam in Chennai, India

Protest against Vishwaroopam in Chennai, India


The question we Indians have on our mind, is this movie really portraying bad image of Indian Muslim brothers? From the trailers of the movie it looks like the movie is focused around Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The terrorists in the movies are the Taliban and the Jihadis, not the Indian Muslims. Are those protesters on the streets agreeing with the agenda of Taliban and Al-Qaeda who kill innocent people in the name of religion? Kamal Haasan has touched upon a subject which is already much highlighted and talked about by various media across the globe, nothing new has been added to the movie to create fire or cheap publicity as it seems to be now. The fact that the Central Board of Film Certification has approved the movie and Kamal Haasan held a special screening of the movie to Muslim community proves that there is nothing wrong in the movie and it does not hurt the sentiments of any religion or community.


So who are the people on street protesting against the screening of Vishwaroopam? India is a diverse country with too many people having many different beliefs; this fact has been milked by various organizations and parties to their advantage. Apart from Muslims even the dalit community has been exploited by their community leaders to their advantage. Saffron terrorism, Islamic terrorism are the words been used loosely by the so called leaders who fail to understand that terrorist do not have any religion or colour.

In Kerala, the protest against the movie was facilitated by an organization called Popular Front of India (PFI) which according to the Kerala government had connections with SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India), an organisation banned by the Centre. On July 4, 2010, two PFI activists were arrested in conjunction with an incident in which they allegedly chopped the hand off of a Kerala professor who had allegedly offended the religious sentiments of his students. It is alleged that the attack resulted from the ruling from one of the “Taliban-model” courts operating in the state of Kerala. Two boys were kidnapped in June 2011 from Mahajan College premises in Mysore and murdered by members of Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD), who sought ransom of 5 crore rupees to raise funds for their organisation. Karnataka Forum for Dignity was merged with PFI in 2008. Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazagham (TMMK) which is protesting against the movie is alleged to have links with SIMI and is believed to be controlled by SIMI cadres. In 2005 TMMK even urged the Government of India to lift ban on SIMI. The president of TMMK was arrested in the communal violence that triggered after the 1998 Coimbatore bombings.

It’s quite evident that the group of people agitating against the movie are nowhere related with the innocent Muslim brothers of our country, their intents are questionable and unnecessarily they are trying to use the movie to gain emotional grounds of Muslims who are deeply related with the Islam religion. The movie revolves around the terrorists who unfortunately happen to be Muslim. We Indians sincerely hope that Government of India finds a way to crack down the organizations who manipulate the innocence of Indian muslins in the name of religion.

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