Virender Sehwag in T20 2012 World Cup

2 Oct

Virender Sehwag

Come on Viru Pa ji, how long you are going to follow your own style of batting. It’s about time big brother, you have to change the way you think while batting. Please understand that it’s not at all required to go for one six after another. If you had stayed on the pitch for another 5 overs we would have ended up with a big score, please for God sake think about the team than your sixes. Hope you follow our advice and let our country win many more matches which we all Indians know you are very much capable of.

Also please work on your fitness, your Tyre seems to be more visible than before. Start running Viru pa, we need you back.

The Sehwag issue
Is he trying to score too quickly, especially in bowler-friendly conditions? A look at how his stats have changed over the last four and a half years