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Rahul Gandhi elevated to number two position in Congress: An Indian affair or a family affair?

22 Jan

Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi cartoon pictureFinally Rahul Gandhi has been appointed as the vice president of the congress party and formally elevated to number two position in the party. Since the independence India has been mostly ruled by the Nehru dynasty or the so called Gandhi family and with the congress party’s vice president announcement it’s quite evident that India has to still go through dynasty domination for many more years to come. Family power politics is nothing new to India; Indian parliament which is full of relatives is by far the strongest proof that the family name plays much more important role in politics than individual qualities or merits.

While the Congress party men are gung-ho about their new leader and trying to project this as breaking news, it hasn’t mattered much to the people of India as everyone was pretty much aware of this to happen at some point or the other. They say that Rahul Gandhi is now numbers two, we already believe he is number one and for good or bad reasons we also know that someday India will surely see Rahul Gandhi being crowned as the Prime Minister. Despite the all time low popularity of Congress party it’s a much known fact that no other political party than congress has the power or the money to form the ruling party in our country. It’s a very well-known fact that elections in India are won by only one thing and that is money, for a simple corporation or MLA election the candidates spend crores of money to win votes, just because the return profits are limitless, the candidates end up spending money like water for their election campaigns. Imagine the kind of money heap the congress party especially the Nehru family must be sitting on as they have ruled the country for maximum tenure. So without a doubt congress will be the leading party in India for many more years to come.

The Congress party is trying to project their vice president’s decision as the party decision, we Indians very well know that it’s the family affair of probably the richest political family in India to whom no one can dare to point back any fingers. It’s unfortunate that India will still have to go through the same ideologies which have leaded us to our downfall. They say we are developed and on the right track, but we Indians on the streets very well know where we are and wonder if ever we can come out of this mess gifted to us by the dynasties of rich and powerful politicians.

Watch Rahul Gandhi’s emotional speech as Congress party’s Vice president:


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Himachal Pradesh 2012 elections: Does anyone really care about corruption?

21 Dec

Himachal Pradesh elects corrupt Virbhadra SinghPeople’s verdict is out; Congress party led by the corrupt 78 year old minister Virbhadra Singh has won 36 seats out of 68 in the Assembly elections 2012. Five months before the assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh, on June 26, 2012, Virbhadra Singh resigned from Union minister as a consequence of corruption charges being pressed against him. Virbhadra Singhs’ tax returns and affidavit of assets filed for nomination to the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections in 2012 came under scanner after unaccounted cash entries emerged from the documents he filed. His original I-T returns for the year 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 showed the net agricultural income of Rs. 7,34,000, Rs. 15,00,000 and Rs. 25,00,000 respectively, but the revised I-T returns filed on March 2, 2012 showed increase in income for 2009, 2010, 2011 to Rs. 2,21,35,000, Rs. 2,80,92,500 and Rs. 1,55,00,000. After his account came under scrutiny of tax authorities, Virbhadra Singh admitted filing of revised I-T returns in 2012 for the year 2009, 2010, 2011 by one Anand Chauhan who manages his farms and invests the proceeds from sale of apples in government securities, Mutual Funds, LIC schemes to ensure safe and better returns. It was found that between 2008 and 2010 Anand Chauhan deposited around Rs. 5 crore in cash in his Punjab National Bank account in Shimla and also made deposits by cheque for LIC premiums totalling roughly Rs. 5 crore in favour of Virbhadra Singh, his wife Pratibha Singh and two children, Aparajita Kumari and Vikramaditya Singh. In October 2012 when Virbhadra Singh was questioned by media persons about these allegations against him, his reply was “I will break your cameras. Don’t you have any other work to do?”

Now the same man stands tall and can be the next chief minister of Himachal Pradesh. Isn’t it a real shame to see corrupt people like him coming into power. The person who should be in jail will now dictate his own terms and will enjoy his life for another five years and that too on taxpayers’ money. Who should be held accountable for such ministers coming into power? People of Himachal Pradesh who voted for him or the Congress party who even after knowing the history of Virbhadra Singh, pushed him to lead the Congress election campaign in the state. It’s really a sad moment for the people of Himachal Pradesh that they were left with no choices than voting for a tainted minister. God only knows if the votes were genuinely voted or bought? One thing is clear that corruption will probably never leave our country as the political party leaders are only interested in winning elections and not interested in providing the kind of leadership required to drive modern India.

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Manmohan Singh in Gujarat: Look who is talking

11 Dec

Manmohan singh playing communal card in GujaratOur great Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was in Gujarat for an election rally on December 9, 2012. Good to see our prime minister speaking who otherwise remains lull on so many major issues close to the people of India. Of course he was speaking for his party and not for his countrymen so definitely had lot of spare time for it. The depressing part of his speech was the kind of issues he brought up targeting the current government of Gujarat. Major part of his jab was on the insecurity of minorities in Gujarat.

Why the leader of a country has to touch upon an issue which people have already forgotten and forgiven? Singh said “We have been getting regular complaints that minorities and some other segments of society are feeling insecure in the State. Even a few State government officers have filed such complaints, which is very unfortunate for our country. It is a matter of great regret that such an environment prevails in the land of Mahatma Gandhi.” Should these kinds of words come out from the mouth of Prime Minister of our country? Isn’t he further trying to divide the people of India? Sounds pretty obvious that he is doing all this to gather some vote bank for his party.

It’s a shame that our prime minister who on critical issues says “My silence is better than a thousand answers” is ready to deliver speeches which can disturb peace and harmony of the country. The dark side of our country’s politics is that the netas/ministers focus on getting votes by hitting the emotional and vulnerable sentiments of people of India and in the process have divided the country into small islands of people. Will India ever see a day when the politicians instead of dividing the country talk about the issues and developments which really matters the most to the people.

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FDI – In hands of two-faced Politicians of India

8 Dec

Finally the drama of FDI in multi-brand retail came to an end with government of India winning votes in both the houses of parliament in the support for allowing FDI in multi-brand retail in India. The good things that came out of this episode were the true faces of our netas/ministers who are the so called leaders of our country responsible for paving the best path for modern India.

In Lok Sabha speakers from 14 out of 18 political parties spoke strongly against the FDI which included Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP) and Samajwadi Party(SP) speaking against the government, but when it came down to voting BSP and SP walked out of the parliament making their vote not accountable and thus helping the Government win. Truly for these ministers their speech means nothing when it comes down to real action. Mulayam Singh Yadav the leader of Samajwadi Party did a compelling speech and strongly criticized the FDI coming in Indian retail market. BSP representative Dara Singh Chauhan warned that “people are anxious over the impact this policy can have on their lives. They fear the multi-national companies will take away their livelihoods. The government should not rush with it.” One thing that clearly comes out is that these netas/ministers keep their personal motives and benefits above the interest of our country and whatever they say it simply means nothing and is of zero value.

In Rajya Sabha BSP leader Mayawati gave full support to government’s proposed policy for FDI, God only knows why she took a ‘U’ turn when only two days ago her representative had spoken against it. Samajwadi Party like in Lok Sabha walked out moments before the voting started and thus helped the government to again come out victorious in Rajya Sabha on the issue of FDI.

The UPA Government seems to be very excited about FDI in retail, but the question still remains the same is it going to help we citizens in any way? Sibal says the new stores will probably open only in 18 cities of India and on the other hand contradicts that it will create new jobs and help farmers our country. How can opening new shopping malls in just 18 cities benefit Indian farmers and create jobs, if it is really for India then why only 18 cities why not all across country. Sibal said the foreign company would be forced to invest 50 million dollars during first three years of their tenure in infrastructure and back office operations. Are our ministers and bureaucrats honest enough to track the 50 million in the interest of our country? We all know how this 50 million will generate new ways for corruption in India.

Well we think that there is no point in debating this now as the decision is already taken to get FDI in retail markets in India. Finally like ever again the voice of Indians have gone to the deaf ears of our greedy politicians and law makers of our country who for their personal motives and aspirations force unwanted things to the throat of innocent citizens of India.

To lighten up things here are some funny FDI cartoons floating out in the internet world:
FDI Cartoons- Manmohan to RetailersFDI Cartoons- Manmohan Sonia beating aam aadmiFDI Cartoons- Mulayam Mayawati blindly supporting CongressFDI Cartoons- Manmohan sacrificing interests of common manFDI Cartoons- Manmohan to MiddlemanFDI Cartoons- Common people experienceFDI Cartoons- Old movement Vs New movementFDI Cartoons- Manmohan reacting to Indian tradersFDI Cartoons- Wlmarts Indian business modelFDI Cartoons- Gandhiji on FDI CartoonsFDI Cartoons- Manmohan inviting citizens in a foreign mallFDI Cartoons- Congress party on FDIFDI Cartoons- Manmohan and common manFDI Cartoons- Obama with Manmohan on FDIFDI Cartoons- Mulayam Mayawati carrying Manmohan acrossFDI Cartoons- Manmohan Sonia to common manFDI Cartoons- Sonia Gandhi reason for FDIFDI Cartoons- DMK support for FDIFDI Cartoons- Good reason against FDIFDI Cartoons- Manmohans reason for FDIFDI Cartoons- Walmarts business plan in India

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Are we ready for FDI?

3 Dec

FDI in India, will it help?Who cares if we are ready for FDI or not? Government wants it badly because they care for us, doesn’t it sound like a joke of the century “Indian Government caring for Indian Citizens”. Those who support FDI claim that we will benefit economically; increased job opportunities, higher standards of living and better infra-structure are some of the positive that flows from FDI. To back their claim they cite the example of economies such as China, South Korea, Singapore and the Philippines that benefited from FDI in to their economy.

The real question is why are we seeking FDI? Our great Prime Minister Manmohan Singh describes it as the best solution for bridging India’s current account deficit. A solution for fighting inflation, driving development and creating employment opportunities. Looks like the government cites Gross Domestic Product (GDP)/Gross National Product (GNP) as the only way to move our country forward.  Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia on Dec 1, 2012 said “India needs high GDP growth to reduce poverty at faster pace”. Ahluwalia himself spent Rs. 35 lacs just to renovate two blocks of toilets and said an individual above a monthly consumption of Rs. 859.6 in urban and Rs. 672.8 in rural areas is not considered poor. Is he even eligible to talk about what it takes to bring down poverty in India?

In 2011 World Bank stated 32.7% of the total Indian people fall below the international poverty line of $ 1.25 per day while 68.7% live on less than $2 per day. With this kind of statistics probably 70% of Indians really don’t care FDI bill about which out ministers have already created much drama on streets and in the parliament. Surely economy of India is under strain, but FDI will only help 5-6% of Indian population while others will surely remain unaffected.

Manmohan Singh cartoon on FDIThe great economists such as Mahbub ul Haq and Amartya Sen have stated that development is not just growth of GDP/GNP. How developed India is in terms of education, nutrition, female education, health etc? Doesn’t our great prime minister know that India ranks 65th out of 79 countries on the Global Hunger Index. Don’t we have other bigger issues than FDI to be tackled first? Here are our few reasons for a big NO to the FDI:

1. With corruption on all-time high and greedy Netas/Ministers all around the corner do we have regulatory regime to control the game of foreign investors? It’s a well-known fact that Multi-National Companies bribe politicians for running their way of business. Do we have single Neta/Minister in our country who can deny the bribe paid in dollars?

2. While workers in India will be paid peanuts the big profit and handsome salary will go outside India. Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar plant is the perfect example of this scenario.

3. MNCs have a tendency to capture the market completely and make us their slaves, what happens to the Indian entrepreneurs?

4. Government says Farmer will be paid more; farmer by the end of the day is also a consumer who again will be charged more for consumption.

India has already allowed FDI in so many other streams such as IT, infrastructure, manufacturing, telecom etc.? Why it is now required in retail is just beyond imagination? Is it just because Obama has said sentiments of Foreign Investors are negative towards India or because our great Prime Minister is being called under-achiever by foreign magazines. Whatever may be the reason the so-called leaders of our country must think whether FDI is for India or India is for FDI.

Important websites: Indian Government’s website on Industrial Policy and Promotion, Indian Governments website on Invest in India

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Vitthal Radadiya, a Congress MP threatening with gun

16 Oct

Vitthal RadadiyaCongress MP from Porbandar in Gujarat Vitthal Radadiya’s car was stopped by the toll booth personnel at Karjan near Vadodara late on Thursday(Oct 11, 2012) night. When the driver showed him Radadiya’s identification card, the toll booth attendant demanded to see the original identity card. It was when the driver and the toll booth were arguing with each other that Radadiya stepped out of the car and threatened to shoot the attendants whom he claimed were wasting his time.Defending himself for his act Gujarat Congress leader Vitthal Radadiya said that he pulled the rifle for the safety of his life.

What a mockery of law, if an Indian MP feels unsafe what about common people like us? MPs like this bring a bad name to our country and irrespective of any party he should be sacked and thrown out from parliament.

Watch Vitthal Radadiya’s CCTV footage.

Watch Vitthal Radadiy’s defence statement.

Sonia Gandhi – Haryana Visit a political stunt?

11 Oct

Greetings Sonia ji, thank God you finally came to know about too many rape incidents in Haryana. The sad part is that your Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, who hasn’t met a single rape victim so far, accompanied you to meet the victim. Isn’t it a shame that the CM of a state seem to be least concerned about the rape shame happening across his own state.

Sonia ji please tell us the fact, were you really concerned about the victim or it was just another political stunt to get more supporters for Congress party. If it was not an politically motivated visit why did you made a statement like this “rapes happen everywhere and are not restricted to Haryana alone”. This statement really hurts us deeply, now we see how Rahul came up with a weird statement after Mumbai bomb blasts “These sorts of attacks or bomb blasts can’t be stopped and will continue to take place in India. Even Americans get attacked”

Please Sonia ji, keep your foul politics away from such horrifying incidents, being a leader of the country and dictating your terms on us since last so many years you just cannot support rape incident figures in Haryana by comparing it with other states.

Also it would have helped further if instead of spending money on your meaningless visit and the security caravan expenses which followed you during your visit, you should have donated your visit-expense money to the victim’s family. Maybe you thought if you give to this family yo will end up paying many more families in Haryana who are getting raped right now or will be raped in the near future :)

Rahul made so may visits to UP before the 2012 elections, so called pad yatra and what not, did it help, NO. so how Sonia ji thinks it will help her in Haryana.

Robert Vadra – Sonia Gandhi’s Jamai

7 Oct

Robert Vadra - Sonia Gandhi's son in lawCharges by Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan on India’s most powerful political family’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra:

1. Priyanka Gandhi’s husband had accumulated 31 properties in three Congress-ruled states of Haryana, Rajasthan and New Delhi between 2007 and 2010 through dormant companies.Kejriwal produced the registration detail papers to journalists according to which more than 160 acres of land was purchased by Vadra in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

2. Vadra got unsecured loans, probably in lieu of his land in Manesar in Haryana, from realty firm DLF for more than Rs 60 crore. Out of that money by DLF builders he has allegedly bought a range of attractive properties in Gurgaon.

3.Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra, between 2007 and 2010, purchased Rs 300 crore worth of property out of a capital of Rs 50 lakh only.

4. Aralia, where Vadra owns a penthouse, is no ordinary home. It’s the final word in luxury in India. Designed by Hafeez Contractor, the penthouse overlooks a golf course and its ownership is by invitation only.

5. Kejriwal and Bhushan have taken the news report published on March 14, 2011, in The Economic Times. Here is the link: Robert Vadra ties up with DLF, makes low-key entry into Real estate business

6. Kejriwal asks again and again, “But why did DLF give unsecured loans to Vadra? Why?”

No Congressmen has so far said that Robert Vadra does not own the 10,000 square feet Aralias luxury apartment and other 30-plus properties

Link to Robert Vadra’s Wiki Page