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Dabangg 2: Do you need a review to watch Salman Khan movie?

21 Dec

Dabangg 2 movie review starring Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Prakash RajAfter 23 years of his Bollywood career Salman Khan on December 21, 2012 will be seen in his first ever sequel of Dabangg which also happens to be the directorial debut of his brother Arbaaz Khan. Salman Khan’s rise to fame since last three years has left all his Bollywood competitors behind. The 100 crore journey started from Wanted in 2009 and is continuing till date. So which movie is competing against Dabangg 2, it’s his own move ‘Ek tha Tiger’ which released earlier this year and has done a business of Rs 186.2 cr. Times of India has valued Dabangg 2 at 180 cr. The movie releases in 3000 screens in India and 450 screens overseas.

Bollywood Hungama has given 4/5 rating, India TV and Rediff have given 2.5/5 stars to Dabangg 2. The fact of the matter is does Salman Khan’s movies require any rating? Or do people care about Dabangg 2 rating? Surely not, Salman’s movies have passed all those rating syndromes from so called movie critics. Salman fan base knows, irrespective of the reviews, the movie will be full of entertainment in large doses. The fear factor in Bollywood industry exists for everyone but not Salman Khan. People are no more talking hit or flop, the discussions are weather Dabangg 2 will break the business record set by Salman’s previous movie ‘Ek tha Tiger’. Whatever critics or anti-Salman Khan Fan writes, the fact is Dabangg 2 with a production cost of Rs 40 cr is definitely a profitable deal and will surely take Salman Khan to new heights.

Will Dabangg 2 cross Rs 200 crore?

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YP Singh after Salman Khan – another publicity stunt

3 Nov

YP Singh on Salman KhanFormer cop-turned-activist YP Singh held a press meet along with his wife Abha Singh in Mumbai to show what he says is an ‘expose’ on how the Mumbai police helped actor Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case drag on for 10 years.

Highlights of his press conference:

- We always blame the courts for delay but actually its the litigants who are responsible for the delays.
- Litigants and defendants are in collusion in Salman Khan’s case.
- Mumbai Police helping Salman Khan evade the law.
- Mumbai Police is helping Salman Khan. Summons weren’t summoned properly.
- Salman khan was absent 82 times when summoned by the court.
- Is there pressure from Salman Khan? Was there pressure from the state?

Looks like YP Singh more than trying to get justice to right people is after the cheap publicity for himself. Come on Mr. YP there are many other burning issues you can go after than highlighting the issue of 2002. YP Singh was the former colleague of Arvind Kejriwal in India against corruption organization, all his recent press meets clearly shows that he is jealous of Kejriwal’s popularity and hence trying these cheap stunts to attract the crowd and somehow enter into politics, he is a former officer in the police force of India who left to become a lawyer and we all know that 90% of politicians in our country are lawyers.

Salman Khan as of today is the most popular actor of Bollywood and pointing fingers at him will surely bring lot of fame to YP which he is desperately looking out for.
Why not defame the real goons who are ruling or country and responsible for the current bad state we are in? Why not bring justice to Sonali Mukherjee who is fighting for her life since past 10 years? Please Mr. YP singh go after people who are really threat to our country. Many people living on streets of India die of hunger because of sick policies of Indian government than coming under car wheels of celebrities.