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Rahul Gandhi elevated to number two position in Congress: An Indian affair or a family affair?

22 Jan

Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi cartoon pictureFinally Rahul Gandhi has been appointed as the vice president of the congress party and formally elevated to number two position in the party. Since the independence India has been mostly ruled by the Nehru dynasty or the so called Gandhi family and with the congress party’s vice president announcement it’s quite evident that India has to still go through dynasty domination for many more years to come. Family power politics is nothing new to India; Indian parliament which is full of relatives is by far the strongest proof that the family name plays much more important role in politics than individual qualities or merits.

While the Congress party men are gung-ho about their new leader and trying to project this as breaking news, it hasn’t mattered much to the people of India as everyone was pretty much aware of this to happen at some point or the other. They say that Rahul Gandhi is now numbers two, we already believe he is number one and for good or bad reasons we also know that someday India will surely see Rahul Gandhi being crowned as the Prime Minister. Despite the all time low popularity of Congress party it’s a much known fact that no other political party than congress has the power or the money to form the ruling party in our country. It’s a very well-known fact that elections in India are won by only one thing and that is money, for a simple corporation or MLA election the candidates spend crores of money to win votes, just because the return profits are limitless, the candidates end up spending money like water for their election campaigns. Imagine the kind of money heap the congress party especially the Nehru family must be sitting on as they have ruled the country for maximum tenure. So without a doubt congress will be the leading party in India for many more years to come.

The Congress party is trying to project their vice president’s decision as the party decision, we Indians very well know that it’s the family affair of probably the richest political family in India to whom no one can dare to point back any fingers. It’s unfortunate that India will still have to go through the same ideologies which have leaded us to our downfall. They say we are developed and on the right track, but we Indians on the streets very well know where we are and wonder if ever we can come out of this mess gifted to us by the dynasties of rich and powerful politicians.

Watch Rahul Gandhi’s emotional speech as Congress party’s Vice president:


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Boycott Indian Children’s Day

16 Nov

Boycott Indian Childern's dayIn India Children’s Day is celebrated on 14 November, the birthday of the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Nehru was India’s first Prime minister and external affairs minister from 15 August 1947 till 27 May 1964. He played a major role in shaping modern Indian government and political culture. Look where are we right now, dirty politics all around, corruption at its best, insecure Indian citizens.

Who is responsible? Off course our so called Chacha Nehru who instead of working for the people worked for himself and his family. It is India’s bad fate that we got Nehru as the first prime minister after India got the independence in 1947 otherwise we would haven been a much much better country.

All of us who support this Idea, please join the movement to boycott Indian children’s day by not allowing your little one’s or anyone you know to celebrate Children’s day on 14th Nov, because it’s Nehru’s birthday who along with his family has let our country down.

We should pledge not to celebrate Children’s day until it is celebrated on any day other than Nehru’s birthday because it is because of Nehru and his family that today no child feels safe in India.

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