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MS Dhoni’s perfume 7: Does India need another perfume?

7 Feb

MS Dhoni and his wife Sakshi launching perfume 7 in DubaiMS Dhoni unarguably is the most popular Indian cricketer of the current times and also one of the richest sportsperson around the globe. Cricket is the only reason behind Dhoni’s popularity and bank balance, probably it’s is the best time for him to cash in his popularity and take his bank balances to new heights. The sad part is that Dhoni has launched a perfume line and followed the footsteps of other global sportspersons like Roger Federer and David Beckham, being a different kind of cricket captain who thinks out of the box, one would have expected him to follow his heart and launched something which would have really helped India or Indian sports men in some way. Why a perfume? Why not some high quality sports gear at a reasonable price for the kids of India?

It’s sad to see a sport like Cricket which is physically far less demanding compared to other sports has gained so much popularity in India. The popularity of Cricket has supressed other sports of our country, the money invested in sports is mainly diverted towards Cricket, and as a result we don’t have better facilities to encourage other sports. The big question the Indian leaders and sports policy makers should understand, is cricket really creating name for India around the globe? Sports like Tennis, Athletics and Soccer are the ones which would give India and Indian sports person a better name and respect around the globe. The results of the biasness with Cricket is quite evident, everyone knows how low we are ranked in other sports. An Indian sportsperson winning a Wimbledon will create lot more respect for India than some fat unfit guy hitting a triple century against Pakistan.

We all know the Indian government is doing nothing for sports other than cricket in our country, so it becomes a moral duty of these big cricketers with deep pockets to uplift other sports which are lagging behind. We don’t want any other perfume; there are already tonnes of perfumes out in the market. Our people want some Nike like Indian shoes which are much cheaper and can be helpful for the aspiring athletes or other sportsperson. We want some big guys to pump in big prize money into the sports which are lagging behind so many of us can be encouraged for options other than cricket.

Our Indian celebrities should understand that they are because of the people of India and it’s their duty to return favours to the country by doing sensible things in return. A Country where 80% of people barely earn $1 a day doesn’t require a cosmetic item like perfume. Hope MS Dhoni understands that and launches something which is targeted towards the betterment of India and not just his bank balance.

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Indian Cricketers: Is it time to get rid of superstars/lazy cricketers?

4 Jan

Sehwag, Gambhir - Are they fit to play for India - Image: espncricinfo.comFinally India lost the one day home series against Pakistan, going down fighting is one thing but losing in a humiliating manner is simply not acceptable to the people of India. Much of analysis has been done to post-mortem the reason behind the defeat and many cricket analysts believe that batting is the area which has let the country down. Batting has been Indian cricket team’s forte since the inception of the game. Simply because batting is made for lazy people, no fitness required, no major running required and no intense training required. What India has given to the cricket is just bunch of lazy cricketers who have been batsman most of their life? India has either created great batsmen or great spinners, both of which require minimum fitness level. Are Indian cricketers not willing to work hard? Why can’t India product genuine fast bowlers who can regularly bowl above 140 kph consistently. With BCCI being one of the richest sports body around the globe, it makes the Indian fan wonder why BCCI has not adopted processes and tools to create fast bowlers like Pakistan. Most of the premiere cricket playing nations around the world has fast bowlers as regular members of their team. India is still struggling to find one. It was really sad to see Indian batsman struggling against the pace of Pakistani bowlers on their home soil, clearly shows that Indian batsman lack the capability to face fast bowlers. Is it because team doesn’t have a fast bowler for batsman to practice in the nets?

Another question which troubles the Indian cricket fans is why the batsman like Sehwag, Gambhir, Rohit Sharma are being included in the team even after their repetitive failures. Sehwag and Gambhir with so much of experience to boast looked like lame duck in front of the Pakistani bowlers. If batting is our strength then why fear the fast bowlers. The main reason behind the two match lost against Pakistan can be clearly attributed to the start given by the openers. It’s about time that India should get rid of players like Shewag, Ghambhir, Rohit Sharma whose contribution towards team is only in batting. Especially the fitness level of Sehwag, Ghambir and some other cricketer proves that these players are really not working hard for their place in the team. The way they field and carry themselves on the ground also creates questions about their position in the Indian cricket team.

Sehwag and Gambhir fit to be part of the team?

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Mohinder Amarnath: Opening Pandora’s Box for Indian Cricket

13 Dec

Mohinder Amarnath blaming BCCI Mohinder Amarnath says M S Dhoni doesn’t deserve a place in Indian Test team and for some internal reasons Dhoni was allowed to retain the captaincy of team India. Now with these kinds of statements out in public the whole cricketing world and the fan base has been divided into two political party. One supporting Dhoni and other against him and his captaincy. It was a year ago when the whole world was embracing Dhoni and treated him as a hero for bringing the world cup to India. The situation has gone so bad now that people are questioning Dhoni’s capability as a captain.

People are blaming BCCI for not removing Dhoni and allowing him to continue as a captain, the question here is who else deserves to be the captain right now. Do we think Sehwag or Gambhir? Are they capable enough to lead Indian side? Sehwag who is caught in his own little world of bating nightmare of slogging the ball vs. defending, can he get the players together and lead the team. Gambhir who from his last two test matches looked more like playing for saving his place in the team, can he come out of the individual performance jinx and lead the team India.  Forget about the performance, the body language of Sehwag and Gambhir on the field itself reflects how good captain they can be, Sehwag who never runs after the ball if misfielded, Gambhir who always bats to add score against his name irrespective of teams fate(quite evident from last two test matches). Some might give example of Gambhir wining the IPL as a captain, the fact is Kolkata won IPL final only because of one player and that was Manvinder Bisla. It was not the creative captaincy of Gambhir which got them the cup. Virat Kohli is the promising player who can take up the captaincy but making him a captain right now will definitely ruin his career and BCCI should definitely not take that risk.

Mohinder Amarnath criticizing Dhoni The fact of the matter is currently there is no one in the team like Dhoni who is capable of leading the team. When the whole country is behind Sachin for giving him multiple chances to prove his ability then why not MS Dhoni be given a long rope to come out of this mess. We Indians are very emotional and pour out our sentiments very swiftly in appreciating or criticizing a player based on the current performance. We should not forget that Dhoni is by far the best captain we ever had in the history of Indian cricket. Changing captain at this juncture would be a blunder, yes everyone has to phase out some day so will Dhoni but the transition should happen keeping the future in mind. Creating some part time captains like Sehwag or Gambhir will definitely won’t help team India.

Mohinder Amarnath surely did a good job in bringing out the political side of BCCI in public but the timing of it, which is in the middle of an on-going series seriously raises questions about his true intention and love for Indian Cricket team. His statement will surely affect the performance of our Indian cricketers which starts in Nagpur on December 13, 2012.

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Indian Cricket Team – Playing Gully cricket or International cricket

9 Dec

It’s quite shocking and disheartening to see the way Indian team is playing in the current series (2012) against England on their home soil. Batting, Bowling or Fielding, England cricketers have outplayed Indians in all the departments. On the pitch where Indians are having a tough time batting, England players seem to be enjoying every bit of their batting. Indian bowling looks pretty ordinary and fielding is definitely below par. The below average performance of Indian cricketers have forced us to ask why these players are performing so badly, has the Twenty-Twenty mind-set taken over, is the lack of participation in Ranji Trophy the reason? The one and only big reason behind their failure is lack of hard work and their arrogant attitude towards improving their games. Probably Indian players are happy with the money they are making in the T20 and care less about the effort required to win test matches

Here is some analysis of performance of Indian players in the series so far:

Virender Sehwag:

Virender Sehwag CartoonProbably one of the most explosive batsman of modern cricket who tries to hit each and every ball out of the park. Throws his wicket for no reason, a lazy fielder who simply hates to run behind the ball. Has the bowling ability but no guts to bowl in big matches, cricket pundits say Dhoni never gives him the ball but Shewag being a senior player definitely not requires green signal from Dhoni to experiment his spin on the field. His ‘I don’t care’ attitude on the field is quite visible, always seems to be smiling but surely has a lot of internal ego to conquer. Not a hard worker, a peeping tummy is a proof of lack of hard work and efforts he puts in off the field.

Performance against England:
Match 1: 117(117), 25(21)
Match 2: 30(43), 9(14)
Match 3: 23(26), 49(57)

He last played a Ranji Trophy match in November 2012 and before that he had played one Ranji match in 2008. Surely Ranji Matches are least prioritized item on his plate. Ironically he is also the captain of Delhi Ranji team.

Gautam Gambhir:

Gautam Gambhir CartoonA good technical batsman who can play all forms of spin bowling. Lazy in running between the wickets so definitely cannot run behind the ball in the field like cricketers of other countries. Cannot bowl so if his batting flops his contribution towards the team comes down to ZERO.

Performance against England:
Match 1: 45(111), DNB
Match 2: 4(2), 65(142)
Match 3: 60(124), 40(104)

He last played a Ranji Trophy match in November 2012 and before that he had played two Ranji matches in 2008. Like Shewag Ranji Matches are least prioritized item on his plate.

Cheteshwar Pujara:

Cheteshwar Pujara CartoonYoung cricketer with lot of promises stored in for future. Dropped a lollypop catch of Cook when he was in his early 20s in the third test match, if taken probably this article would never have been written. Shocking to see a young player like him missing a catch. Does not bowl, not so sharp in field like Kohli, if his batting flops his contribution towards the team comes down to ZERO.

Performance against England:
Match 1: 206(389), 41(51)
Match 2: 135(350), 6(5)
Match 3: 16(48), 8(22)

Has been playing lot of Indian Ranji matches and surely the results are quite visible from his performance against England.

Sachin Tendulkar:

Sachin Tendulkar CartoonGod of cricket going through a bad patch of his career. Cannot field, dive or run like other cricketers  of his same age like Dilshan from Sri Lanka. Does not bowl so if his batting flops his contribution towards the team comes down to ZERO.

Performance against England:
Match 1: 13(18), DNB
Match 2: 8(12), 8(19)
Match 3: 76(155), 5(6)

He last played a Ranji Trophy match in Novemner 2012 and before that he had played two Ranji matches in 2009. Surely after playing constantly for India Ranji Match is least prioritized item on his plate.

Virat Kohli:

Virat Kohli CartoonFuture of Indian cricket, still cannot handle pressure and tense match situations. Pretty good in field, at least he contributes in some form if his batting flops. Can bowl but not confident enough to bowl in big games.

Performance against England:
Match 1: 19(67), 14*(21)
Match 2: 19(55), 7(13)
Match 3: 6(24), 20(60)

He last played a Ranji Trophy match in November 2012 and before that he had played few Ranji matches in 2010. Ranji Match seems to be least prioritized item on his plate.

Yuvraj Singh:

Yuvraj singh CartoonFighter of Indian cricket, made a comeback after a long time in test cricket. Attacking batsman who still has to prove his maturity and confidence in big games and critical situations. Can bowl but cannot perform consistently. Was a great fielder but considerably lost his agility in the field.

Performance against England:
Match 1: 74(151), DNB
Match 2: 0(2), 8(10)
Match 3: 32(54), 11(17)

Last played few Ranji matches in 2010

MS Dhoni:

MS Dhoni CartoonCaptian cool, too much dependent on the performance of his team. A good wicket keeper so does contribute towards the team irrespective of his batting performance. Test match batting performance going down match by match.

Performance against England:
Match 1: 5(37), DNB
Match 2: 29(64), 6(17)
Match 3: 52(114), 0(3)

He last played a Ranji Trophy match in March 2005 and never played a single match after that. Like others Ranji Match seems to be least prioritized item on his plate.

R Ashwin:

R Ashwin cartoonSuppose to be the next Harbhajan Singh of India, but looks like he is targeting to be the next Sachin Tendulkar. One of the slow fielders in the team who has no worries about improving his fitness.

Performance against England:
Match 1: 23(52), DNB : 3/80, 1/111
Match 2: 68(114), 11(10) : 2/145, 0/22
Match 3: 21(43), 83*(151) : 3/183, DNB

He last played a Ranji Trophy match in November 2012 and before that he had played few Ranji matches in 2010. Ranji Match seems to be least prioritized item on his plate.

Pragyan Ojha:

Pragyan Ojha CartoonCan only bowl, no fitness level in the field. If bowling flops his contribution towards the team comes down to ZERO. Not a threatening spinner.

Performance against England:
Match 1: 5/45, 4/120
Match 2: 5/143, 0/16
Match 3: 4/142, DNB

Played one match each in 2011 and 2012 in the Ranji Trophy and before that played just 2 matches in 2009 season.



Zaheer Khan:

Zaheer Khan CartoonCan only bowl, no fitness level to field, can’t slide to stop the ball. If bowling flops his contribution towards the team comes down to ZERO. Can’t bowl 140K, no more a threat to batsman.

Performance against England:
Match 1: 1/23, 2/59
Match 2: 0/37, DNB
Match 3: 1/94, DNB

Played one match in 2012 and two matches in 2011 in the Ranji Trophy, before that played 4 matches in 2009 season.



Should Indian Cricketers be forced to play Ranji Trophy?

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Gautam Gambhir slams critics – ‘I am not at all insecure’

25 Oct

Gautam Gambhir slams critics - 'I am not at all insecure'Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir on Wednesday October 24, 2012 hit back at critics who have raised doubts on the future of his opening combination with Virender Sehwag following their recent form slump, saying with an average of 53 they are still the best in the country.

“We still average 53 as an opening pair, which I think is one of the best when it comes to opening the batting in world cricket. There are not many opening pairs who have played for such a long time and have an average of 53 per innings. And if 53 is not good enough, I don’t know what is good enough,” Gambhir told PTI in an exclusive interview.

“As an opening pair, you average 50 per innings and if you are giving 50 runs start in every innings, you can’t do more and if people talk about not contributing, I will suggest them to look at the stats. Average of 53 is tremendous, its something a lot of opening pairs have not done in the past and are not doing today,” he added.

When asked if he is under pressure not having scored a Test ton in last two years, Gambhir replied “It’s not about scoring a hundred every time  it’s about contributing when you are opening the batting. It’s not only me, a lot of other people have also not scored tons.
People only discuss about scoring a hundred, I don’t know why. I got 93 in South Africa, 85-odd in Australia…15 or seven more and people would not be discussing my hundred”.

When asked if he was seeking his coach’s help to iron out any technical flaws ahead of the two tough series against England and Australia at home. ”Had it been a technical error, I would have not scored runs in one-day cricket. I think it is good 1100 runs in last 24 innings in one-day cricket. I was in the ICC ODI team. I know how people start relating your Test form to one-day form and T20 form. Three formats are completely different and ultimately when you are playing the three formats, it’s very difficult to have the same consistency”.

Gambhir insisted that he is not at all “insecure” about his place in the Test side with the likes of Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay performing consistently in the domestic circuit. ”Never, I am not at all insecure about my place in the side. I don’t know where all these things are coming from. Ultimately, when you open the batting, you want to contribute and you want to give a good start to the team. Giving a good start is your first job.”

Some stats to look into:

- Gambhir, in last two years, has not scored any century and averaged just 30.31 as compared to his career average of 44.35 in the Test format.

- His last hundred came against Bangladesh in January, 2010.

- Gambhir and Virender Sehwag haven’t put on a century stand in Tests in nearly two years.

Sounds like Mr. Ghambir thinks he is irreplaceable and can afford to be lazy in all aspects of cricket.  Also with long stretch of home series on the way hopefully Gambhir will pile up more runs on dead wickets and able to brag more about his averages. Mr. Gambhir who will score abroad?in spite of your “phenomenal “average as openers(even that is mostly due to home series)India lost the number ONE spot in test rankings.So better let your bat do the talking. Look what happened to Indian teams in CLT20 in SA.