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Gopal Kanda’s shameless birthday celebration

2 Jan

Gopal Kanda in Jail - Cartoon by Kushal BhattacharyaWhile India has still not overcome the agony of Delhi gang rape, here is an incident which proves that ministers of India are really not serious about the crime against women of India. Gopal Goyal Kanda a former home minister of Haryana state who is currently in jail for harassing his airline’s former employee Geetika Sharma to an extent that she committed suicide, was praised shamelessly on his 47th birthday by group of ministers who gathered at the Tara Baba complex in Haryana for Kanda’s birthday celebrations. Haryana Minister for Labour and Employment Shiv Charan Sharma, Chief Parliamentary Secretary and Fatehabad MLA Prahalad Singh Gillankhera and Panipat MLA OP Jain along with a paid crowd of supporters, on December 29, 2012 joined together at a function to celebrate the birthday of former minister Gopal Kanda who is in jail for his alleged involvement in the suicide of former air hostess Geetika Sharma.

The three ministers who are supporting Bhupinder Singh Hooda government of Haryana praised Kanda at his 47th birthday ceremony. Shiv Charan Sharma, a congress leader categorized the Geetika Sharma case as a small one and supported Kanda by referring the dead victim as a servant mistakenly hired by Kanda. Sharma further said “His birthday is being celebrated in jail and in Delhi also. Gopal Kanda is always amongst us. He doesn’t get afraid of anything. He doesn’t fear anyone”. Sharma also referred Kanda as a brave and honest person who has been falsely accused by those who are jealous of his extra-ordinary growth in life.

Isn’t this a shame that a person who initially went underground before surrendering against police, is now been treated as hero by his colleague ministers. Really makes us sad for the people of Haryana who are being ruled by such insensitive and low grade ministers. Currently CBI is inquiring the Geetika Sharma suicide case and we are sure that in few months Gopal Kanda will be again out on streets, in public and free of all charges. When the ministers who contribute towards the law reforms of the country are themselves talking highly about the people like Kanda, who the whole India knows is corrupt and a womanizer, how can we assume that this country will change and will bring reforms in the life of Indian Women?

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Is CBI the puppet of Indian Government?

17 Dec

CBI Cartoon- Following commands from Congress Leader - Image:cartoonistsatish.blogspot.inTime and again many individuals and political parties have accused Government of India misusing CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) for their own hidden motives. The issue got highlighted again when UPA government won the majority on FDI in retail in both the houses of parliament. Opposition leader Sushma Swaraj accused congress of threatening Mulayam and Mayawati using the secret CBI weapon to gain their votes in favour of the government.

The truth of the matter is CBI for sure works for the government as it comes under the Prime Minister’s office. We all know how diligently and blindly our great Prime Minister Manmohan Singh follows the congress high command, so no wonder CBI as well follows his footsteps. Recently a former CBI director Uma Shankar Mishra in public said “political pressure is there when the agency probes into some political bigwigs”. Mishra was supported by another former CBI director Joginder Singh who said that even he had faced political pressure during his tenure when he was probing BSP chief Mayawati in a disproportionate assets case. He also said that the officers, who are probing SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav and his son- Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, will also face political pressure. Mishra also said that the progress reports of such cases are at times influenced by the top government officials. Since CBI is directly under the government, the agency is always under pressure if they are probing the high profile cases.

Here are some of the allegations against CBI and instances where Congress party has played the CBI threatening card to their advantage:

  1. Mulayam and Mayawati despite speaking against FDI in retail in Lok Sabha supported UPA government with their actions/votes in favour of FDI in retail.
  2. Karunanidhi, despite going through utter humiliation in 2G scam ends up standing behind the UPA.
  3. Everything was fine between YSRC President Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy and Congress until Sakshi TV channel owned by Y. S. Bharati, wife of Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy, aired an hour-long program defaming Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Following that, the CBI accused Jaganmohan Reddy of having disproportionate assets and charged him under multiple sections.
  4. After getting a clean chit in the Taj Heritage Corridor case in 2007, Mayawati accused the UPA government of using the CBI to drag her unnecessarily in the disproportionate asset case as a revenge for her act of withdrawing support to UPA.
  5. IPS officer Geeta Joshi in Gujarat alleged in August 2010 that CBI, during the investigation of the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case, pressurized her to falsely implicate former Gujarat Minister Amit Shah in the case to harass the BJP government.
  6. Illegal mining activities by Reddy brothers in Karnataka was for long in the knowledge of the Centre. It is alleged that the government used the CBI to put the Reddy brothers behind bars due to their closeness with BJP.
  7. CBI closed all cases against Jagdish Tytler in March 2009 for his alleged criminal conspiracy to engineer riots against Sikhs in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination on October 31, 1984. CBI, in its charge-sheet, claimed that Jasbir Singh, who is supposed to have heard Tytler inciting a mob to kill Sikhs, could not be examined as he had settled in America and his whereabouts couldn’t be traced. The CBI’s claim got falsified when media telephonically located Jasbir Singh in no time. After the case was ordered to be re- investigated by the court, CBI reportedly submitted that Jasbir Singh’s testimony cannot be relied upon and asked the court to close the case. The entire incident happened to save Tytler, who has had close ties with the ruling government. Congress party dropped Tytler as congress candidate for Lok Sabha 2009 elections.
  8. CBI charges on BSP supremo Mayawati regarding disproportionate assets case were suddenly dropped after she lost the UP polls. CBI said that it made a “grave error” while calculating assets of Mayawati.

There must be many more instances not known to the people of India regarding the misuse of CBI by the Indian Government. CBI is definitely a puppet of Indian Government and the time has come to make CBI an independent constitutional authority like the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor Genera) and EC (Election Commission).  The big question, is anyone listening?

Is CBI puppet of Indian Government?

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