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Crime Patrol postpones Delhi gang-rape episode: Good for government or country?

18 Jan

Crime patrol, a popular TV show on Sony channel which reconstructs the Indian crime cases with actors was scheduled to telecast the shameful Delhi gang-rape episode on January 11, 2013. Unfortunately due to the pressures from Information and Broadcasting ministry in India for the time being the episode has been postponed. The I&B ministry has asked Sony to be sensitive to ground realities.

Considering the outrage that could have been triggered post-airing of the gang-rape episode, many would believe that government has probably taken the right decision by forcing Sony, not to telecast the Delhi gang-rape incident. The big question, does the government really think about Indian people more than losing their reputation? The TV show could have easily tarnished the image of the current Indian government which is currently all time low and would have highlighted the security lapses in providing safety to women. Our smart I&B minister Manish Tiwari who once referred Anna Hazare corrupt said “This is a very sensitive matter. A big question is raised about Section 19 of the Constitution..and what kind of restriction can be put on freedom to speak and write”. Where was Mr. Tiwari’s Section 19 when last year in a press conference he openly alleged Anna Hazare to be a corrupt person?

Indian government with this kind of dictatorship has clearly demonstrated that they are no different from government of country like Pakistan, a couple of days back the Pakistani government had cut the cable TV connections in an attempt to stop the live speech of Tahir-ul-Qadri’s who was in open confrontation with the Pakistani government. Those days are not far when the Indian government will be secretly reading the personal emails of the citizens.

With the protest against Delhi gang-rape gone into a silent zone, the Crime patrol’s episode would have done wonders to the outcry of people for framing strong laws to protect the women of our country. It would have certainly brought new life to the fight of common man against the government. The Indian Government as usual have played their waiting game by forcing the postponement of the show, they know protests have gone into a dormant phase and there will be no much fuss if they come with the same old or slightly modified remedies for protecting women of India.

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Is Indian media encouraging women to become soft targets for criminals?

15 Jan

Much have been spoken and analysed by experts after the shameful gang-rape incident in Delhi on December 16, 2012. Increase in security, strict laws, black film removal from vehicles and many more suggestions have been floating on internet to prevent such horrifying incident form happening in future. There is another aspect which Indian government must look into, is our media. Recently Indian government has made it mandatory to display statutory warning for smoking scenes on TV channels and movies; clearly proves that anything shown in media directly affects the common man. So is the government of India also analysing the role of media in promoting women to become soft targets for the goons roaming freely on the streets of our country? There are many TV commercials being aired every second on the National Channels across the country which are encouraging women for all wrong reasons, here are such commercials:

1. The Vodafone commercial

In this commercial Vodafone is promoting ‘Made for you’ – Internet offers. It shows a girl who is obsessed about internet and particularly about Facebook and Twitter. The girl is using the Facebook lingo in the complete ad and makes us feel like Facebook is her life. In a way Vodafone is promoting young girls to make Internet part of their life and use the Facebook and Twitter 24 hours using their ‘Made for you’ offer. Is Vodafone not aware that many shameful incidents happening with young women in India initiated from such social networking sites. Can’t they promote their internet offer in a way which encourages women for positive usage rather than wasting their time on social sites? Shouldn’t Indian government particularly I&B (Information and Broadcasting) ministry create strict rules for such corporates who are trying to inject the western social culture in our country? We are not against the western culture, but the root question is, is India ready for this? We have started eating pizzas and burgers but has the mind-set of Indians really changed? Has our security system, our governing laws or our infrastructure been westernized? Answer is a big NO, then why the corporates in our country are promoting such ideas in our country?


2. Dominos Pizza Commercial

In this commercial, a woman is encouraging the women of our country to jump into boy’s hostel and watch adult movies. Again being women doesn’t deprive them from doing this but the root question remains the same, is our country ready for this? Dominos Pizza thinks we are but surely we are very far from that and the Delhi gang rape is just another proof that India is not yet ready for the cosmopolitan culture which is being promoted day and night on the National TV channels of our country.


Is Indian media encouraging women to become soft targets for criminals?

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Cable TV digitization – Indian Government’s new gimmick/scam

24 Oct

The regulator, TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), has asked cable operators in all the four metros – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai – to go digital by October 31, 2012 and the rest of India by end of 2014. I guess most of us by now must have seen the annoying Indian Government’s advertisement regarding this deadline on various TV channels.

Sounds like a new gimmick of Indian government, here is how:

Three stakeholders in this digitization scam

1. Indian Government
-Government says LCOs(Local cable operators) report less cable connections than they have actually distributed which results in less revenue for government. The digitization will eliminate the revenue leakage by 60%. Is this a reason to force digitization on the poor India, can’t government afford to have consumer watchdog in place to prevent this leakage instead of making DTH mandatory for all. In many low income parts of the country the cable operators charge a mere Rs50-60 per month for the cable entertainment. How will this community of India manage the DTH?

- Censorship - The digitization will give government a complete control of programs from a single point.  The localized channels being broadcasted by local organizations/communities will get a big hit. This will surely prevent the corruption news of government reaching out to the masses.

2. Broadcasters

MSO(Multiple System Operator). MSO is the industry term for “cable company”.

- After digitization total distributed connections will be reported so MSOs will surely increase revenue by 60%.
- After digitization MSOs and LCOs(Local Cable Operators) can control the signal at their will and thus will control what consumers should watch.
- LCOs will gain less and loose more, because as of today they were setting the prices based on their total connections, example they were charging less money from low income people such as jhuggiwals etc. Moving forward everyone would have to pay the same price to enjoy the cable TV.

3. Consumer

- Will gain less and loose more
- Consumers will be able to watch only what boradcasters or MSO wants them to watch. The programs telecasted at local levels will surely die.
- Increased cost of service because the normal pricing will be decided by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
- Becasue the Quality of picture will increase so MSO and broadcaster will charge high money from the consumer.

It’s a shame that government of India has given the digitization agenda such a high priority and passed a law to mandate the DTH for all Indians. Do they not have better things to take care of first. How many times the government has aired their ad campaign on cable TV digitization, can’t understand the need to rush, why government why?

We would have been more happy if government had made an ad on how females should seek law after being molested/teased every second, at least this would have helped the women in India feel more safe on the streets of India.

Government wants to take the example of countries like US and digitize the cable, why don’t they take the example of infrastructure development of developed countries. Come on Indian government, opening new malls and thousands of Mcdonald chains and cable TV digitization won’t make us developed. India is still 50 years behind those developed countries and if the Government behaves like this surely we will never develop, we might just look like we are one developed country but surely we are not.