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Son Of Sardar vs. Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Ajay Devgn vs. YRF

5 Nov

Son of Sardar vs Jab tak hai jaanIt’s a clash of superstars this Diwali with Shahrukh Khan’s “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” and Ajay Devgn’s “Son of Sardar” both releasing on the same day at the box office.

The bollywood movie screening has changed considerabely over a period of time, it no more matters if a film is a hit or a flop, however it does matter how much money a movie gains during the first 3-4 weeks of its release. With Son Of Sardar(SOS) and Jab Tak Hai Jaan(JTHJ) releasing on the same day a sincere war has begun between both the banners to capture the maximum number of screens across India.

As per media reports, Ajay Devgn Ffilms(ADF) has accused Yash Raj Films(YRF) of manipulating exhibitors and distributors to release their film in more theatres than SOS. It has filed a complaint with the Competition Commission of India(CCI) stating that before the release of Ek Tha Tiger, in August 2012, YRF had reportedly used their dominant position in the market to enter into an arrangement with the exhibitors saying that they will give them Ek Tha Tiger only if the exhibitors agreed to reportedly give their Diwali release prominence over others. Rafiq Gangjee, vice president, marketing and communications, YRF, said: “For a company like ours, which has maintained the highest standards of work ethics and fair play, this has really come as a shock. We would like to clarify at the outset that we still haven’t received any notice from the commission and will suitably represent our stance if and when called upon to do so. Worldwide, as well as in India, distributors often sign deals for their complete annual slate of films to simplify the process. We trust the Competition Commission will also see it as universally acceptable fair business practice,” he added.

The buzz around both the movies is strong, but given the fact that Jab Tak Hai Jaan is late filmmaker Yash Chopra’s last directorial before his sudden death on Oct 21 2012, and that it marks the coming together of Chopra with power-brand Shah Rukh Khan after eight years, expectations are high from Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Salman Khan made his stand clear by supporting Son of Sardar and warned Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter, he wrote “Pathan Ke Yaar Se Panga Mat lena. Sorry yaar..Diwali bekaar without Son of Sardaar.” Shah Rukh reacted to this issue at a press meet on his 47th birthday “I was reading about it today…there are enough screens for both the movies. This is all legal matter and I am no one to speak anything about it. Thankfully it is not my production house. Hope the issue gets resolved and both the films do well. Ajay mera dushman nahi hain. Screen distribution mera call nahi hain”.

The good part of this tussle is that it has surely brought out the dirty games these movie banners play to make money, the message that comes out from Bollywood is that its not only about making a good movie. Looks like both the banners are insecure about their movies and unknowingly leaking the untold stories and hidden truths of Indian movie industry out in the public. If a movie is good and has what it takes to be a hit, it will surely be a hit and will make lot of money irrespective of the number of screens it starts with. 3 Idiots started small and eventually became bollywood’s all time super hit, but looks like the YRF and ADF are more worried about the initial gains than the long term rewards which only comes if a movie is really good as 3 Idiots.

With each passing day the war between Devgn and YRF is taking new turn. In the end its the audiences who will decide whether it’s Shahrukh or Devgn who will rule the box office this Diwali.