Should Omar Abdullah be blamed for lives of five CRPF Jawans?

15 Mar

Omar Abdullah Chief Minister of Jammu and KashmirHow many times the politicians of our country are going to put their hidden motives ahead of the welfare of common people? Is there any minister out there who really works for our country? Any decision taken by any minister across India is simply politically motivated, a mad rush to accumulate vote banks for election. How about a decision taken by a minister at the costs lives of innocent jawans and injuries of innocent civilians? Should it not be termed as crime and the minister responsible for it should be punished? One such horrible decision was taken by Omar Abdullah the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir wherein he had forbidden the paramilitary forces from carrying any weapons while patrolling the streets of Srinagar. The order was passed in February 2013 after four men were killed during protests against the execution of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru. Is Omar Abdullah from India? How can he pass a rule based on deaths of people who were actually supporters of Afzal Guru a terrorist?

The militants attack was launched around 10.45 AM on March 13, 2013 at the ground of Police Public School in Srinagar. The school was closed in view of a strike sponsored by separatist demanding for the return of the body of Mohammad Afzal Guru. With the school being closed , boys from neighbouring areas were in the ground playing cricket along with CRPF(Central Reserve Police Force ) people who were deployed for handling law and order situation due to strike. Two militants gained entry into the ground along with concealed rifles, grenades and other ammunition hidden in their sports bags. One of the militant lobbed a grenade towards seven CRPF men and the other one opened fire towards CRPF group and other civilians on the ground. The militants continued grenade and gun attack on the paramilitary forces. The CRPF men in the surrounding camp retaliated and along with other police men engaged the militants in pitched gun fight. The whole incident went on for 30 minutes leaving behind five dead CRPF men, eight injured CRPF jawans and four injured civilians. The two militants were shot dead. Inspector general of CRPF said it appeared that four militants had launched the attack, two of them were killed and two others might have escaped. Hizbul Mujhahideen (HM) has owned responsibility for the attack saying the attack was launched on a CRPF camp.

Watch the video of Angry CRPF jawans:

This unfortunate incident could have been easily avoided if the CRPF jawans instead of lathis and shields had guns in their hands, they paid the price for agreeing to the state government orders of not to carry guns. Just because of Omar Abdullah government’s order our jawans lost their precious life to the hands of those militants. The biggest irony of this episode was that neither Omar Abdullah nor any minister from the government was present at the ceremony that CRPF had organised to honour its men. Only after the media and angry CRPF men criticized the ignorance of J&K government, next day Omar Abdullah rushed to the Srinagar airport and laid a wreath just before the bodies of five CRPF men killed in Wednesday’s Srinagar terror attack were flown out. The big question for Mr Omar Abdulla who moves with armed Army Convoy in entire Kashmir and thinks that armed men on the streets instilled fear in the minds of citizens, is his life more precious than the lives of jawans who protect our country?

Is Omar Abdullah government responsible for death of five CRPF Jawans?

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