Sheila Dikshit’s daughter unsafe in Delhi: Playing politics by scaring people

13 Mar

Sheila Dikshit - The Chief Minister of DelhiHave you ever heard chief minister of a state scaring its own people? Sheila Dikshit on March 8, 2013 gave a shocking statement to NDTV news channel saying “My own daughter feels unsafe in the city.” How can a chief minister of Delhi which also happens to be the capital of our country give a bizarre statement like this? Looks like the ministers of our country are ready to play their dirty politics at the cost of reputation of our country. Being leader of the state one would have expected Sheila Dikshit to come up with more reforms and strict policing to ensure better security for common people, instead she is making such negative remarks which will further force people to lose confidence on the law and order system of country’s capital city.

Here is an excerpt of Sheila Dikshit’s interview with NDTV with some counter arguments:

1. “We have to face it with courage and determination. This is happening all around the country. This is not a competition. I don’t want to get into it”
Does she want the common people of Delhi to see their sisters and daughter being raped and tackle the whole situation with courage and determination.

2. “I am not satisfied with the law and order. I wouldn’t be able to judge whether security has improved after December 16 or not”
Is she not bothered about the considerable increase in rapes in Delhi? Looks like she hasn’t taken any concrete steps after the December 16th Nirbhaya’s gang-rape case.

3. “The PM did respond to my letter asking for better policing. I hope there is better policing but better policing is not a magic wand,”
Better policing is a generic term why can’t she tell people of Delhi about the actual better policing steps taken by her?

4. “One can’t put everything on the government. I feel concerned about law and order even though it is not under me because ours is an elected government”
Come on, you are the Chief Minister and responsible for security of people who vote for you. The elected government is your very own Congress party and you passing your blame to central police. For the forthcoming elections please go door to door and say to the people of Delhi “Please vote for me although I cannot provide security to your girls as it doesn’t come under me”.

5. “It is good that the incidents are being reported. We have started a helpline to offer assistance to women in distress”
Helplines might work in countries like US but not in India Ms. Dikshit, first let us make the police 100 number work properly. What about multiple dedicated helpline for women with the numbers being displayed on hoardings of each and every corner of the city? Are you willing to spare your Congress party’s election hoarding for displaying Women helpline numbers?

6. “I did not ask for the police to be brought under my government. I merely said they need better training. I really can’t say that I’m dying to get law and order as I have enough work on my plate. Police response will be better under elected government”
Sounds like protecting Women in Delhi is not your top priority, probably you waiting for many more Dec 16th like incidents to pile up before you can take women protection as your priority.

Based on statistics, every two hour a women is either molested or raped in Delhi, according to a survey 96% of women in the capital don’t feel safe after sunset. In 2013 at least four rape incidents have been registered on a daily basis. Still Sheila Dikshit is only talking about helpline numbers, is that all she has to protect women of our country? How shameful.

With such horrifying official data, Sheila Dikshit’s popularity seems to be all time low and with elections due in 2014 she seems to be voicing the outrage of common people of India, just to give us a feel that she is like one of us worried about our daughters and sisters. People of India know how much insecure Sheila Dikshit’s daughter is, we all know how insecure a person is who perhaps all the time travels in Mercedes with security guards around.

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