Rahul Gandhi may not marry: Political or a Personal confession?

14 Mar

Rahul Gandhi marriage and prime minister ship of India

Indian politicians make lots of promises as the election approaches, free laptops, cash subsidies, government quota and what not. A new trend of BS has started especially by young and clever ministers who in quest for votes and popularity make unrealistic statements pertaining to their personal lives. One such statement came from Rahul Gandhi, vice president of the ruling Indian National Congress party. Rahul Gandhi, a 42-year-old bachelor, was recently promoted to number two position in the party, which is headed by his mother, Sonia Gandhi.

In conversation with journalists in Parliament’s Central Hall on March 5, 2013, Rahul said he do not wish to marry and start a family as doing so would lead him to develop a vested interest in the status quo at the expense of his mission to democratize the Congress and decentralize its decision-making. He said “If I get married and have children, then I will become a status quoist and will be concerned about bequeathing my position to my children”. When asked about his interest in the Prime Minister’s job, he said he was not focused on becoming prime minister and asking him whether he wants to be prime minister is a wrong question. This was the first time Rahul Gandhi gave a clear NO to his marriage and prime ministership plans after being promoted to number two in the party, so far he has been telling media that people will come to know about his marriage at the appropriate time.

It’s quite clear from Rahul Gandhi’s statements that he is trying (or may be pretending) to abolish the dynasty politics, of which he is the direct beneficiary. The question to be asked is why it took so long for Rahul Gandhi to decide about bringing an end to Dynasty politics? With BJP’s Narendra Modi PM speculations gaining momentum and elections around the corner, probably there was no better time than this to make such unrealistic/unbelievable statements in public. Is he trying to set up a platform for him to swing the people of India his way using some emotional statements/tactics? Let’s be frank about this whole saga of Rahul Gandhi, he gets married or remain bachelor really doesn’t matter at all to people of India or his party. The congress party as usual will be governed by the Nehru family period, be it Rahul or Priyanka or maybe funky Robert Vadra, someone from the family will surely hold the whip and unfortunately control the fate of our country. Rahul Gandhi’s marriage statement can be looked as an effort to gain political ground and a clever answer to the question raised by many Indians about the governance of our country to a single family.

Regarding Rahul Gandhi’s unwillingness to become the PM of our country, we all know that he is for sure not capable of leading our country and history has definitely proved his incapability to lead our country. He is obliged to work in politics because of his family, but his political strategies are just not up to the mark and he fails to develop strong ties with any particular constituency or with people of India. One of the biggest opportunities to prove his political capability came in the form of Anna Hazare movement which was backed by almost every common man in India. Rahul Gandhi could have contributed a lot to this movement and won hearts of millions, but instead he chose to keep silent like many other congressmen, went in hiding and dare not to speak out in public on an issue which was so close to people of India.  The failure of Rahul Gandhi’s 2012 election campaign in UP is just another proof of how this so called future leader of India is disconnected from the common people.

At this moment Congress party has to stop bragging about Rahul Gandhi’s quality as a PM and reorganise themselves on policies and vision which will take our country to the next level. People of India are tired about the dynasty politics, those days are gone when a leader used to generate votes, now country needs better policies and loyal people who can dare to stand against corruption and lead our country for a better tomorrow.

Is Rahul Gandhi’s marriage decision politically motivated?

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