Politics over BR Ambedkar statue at Bangalore Vidhana Soudha

7 Jan

BR Ambedkar statue at Bangalore Vidhan soudha - Politicians trapLooks like the misters of Karnataka don’t have better work than politicising the issue of shifting the statue of Babasaheb Ambedkar from the premises of Bangalore’s Vidhana Soudha. The High Court in this matter had issued a directive on December 13, 2012, asking the state government to shift the statue within fifteen days to facilitate work on the Bangalore Metro. With the assembly elections approaching, the great government of Karnataka waited till the last day of the fifteen days deadline given by the High Court to tell the court that they require another two months for shifting the statue. The Government requires another two months to seek technical advice on the safety of shifting the statue.

The State Government of Karnataka probably thinks that the citizens of India and Indian judicial system are fools, not to understand that all state government wants is to buy out more time for the Assembly elections in Karnataka to get over. With all this drama, it looks like the Metro Rail work is unlikely to commence before July 2013. Even if the Metro engineers go ahead with the constructions in the other stretch, operations of Metro rail cannot commence till the Vidhana Soudha station is ready. So who is finally going to suffer, of course we citizens, by the way, will any minister ever travel in Metro? So why will they care? But surely they will care about the BR Ambedkar statue for impressing the votes of innocent dalits of the state. It’s a shame to see ministers banking votes for a statue rather than some key issue which matters more to the dalits.

According to a report by Times of India, if the statue is left undisturbed, additional excavation will cost Rs 100 crore, while maintaining the tunnel-boring machine will cost Rs 20 crore. Apart from the losses western Bangalore will have to wait for one more year to avail Metro Services. The clever ministers very well know that Rs 120 crore which does not belong to them is no match with the valuable votes of dalits which will keep them in office for another five years and help them milk many more crores. It’s really sad to see the politics of India going to such a low.

Dalits or common man really care about BR Ambedkar statue?

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