Narayan Murthy don’t want to fund Kejriwal

7 Nov

Narayana Murthy  - An honest leaderInfosys founder NR Narayana Murthy on November 6, 2012 clarified he has not donated any money to the Public Cause Research Foundation, an organisation led by India against corruption leader Arvind Kejriwal for any political activities as reported by a section of the media. “When Kejriwal approached me in September 2012 asking for financial assistance, I declined. Hence, I have not financially supported Mr Kejriwal’s political activities,” stated Murthy.

It is really funny to see big rich good guys in India dissociating them from Kejriwal. Earlier this year Mr. Murthy at the first convocation of IIT Gandhinagar, directly/indirectly slamming the policies of Indian government had said “We have cut our own legs off by our inaction, by our policies”.  In one of his earlier comments he also attacked UPA by saying UPA-2 had failed to move ahead with reforms despite being in office for over two years and put a part of the blame on the dual leadership structure with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh heading the government while Sonia Gandhi controlled the party. Clearly Mr. Murthy is not happy the way our country is being managed and surely he won’t be happy with the corrupt individuals who are very much part of the Indian politics, so why Mr. Murthy is dissociating him from Kejriwal, is Kejriwal trying to do something bad for India? Is bringing out corrupt Netas in public a crime? Was Mr. Murthy only supporting the movement and does not want a new genuine political party to born in India. One thing these Industrialists need to understand that just supporting a movement won’t help India. We have reached a point where we completely need to overhaul the political system of our country. Just bashing the current policies won’t be on any help. If we don’t want the don and mafias getting deep rooted in Indian political system, the big industrialists like Mr. Muthy should openly support Kejriwal and any such honest individual who wants to join the politics.

Mr. Murthy has been donating Rs 25 lakh/year to Kejriwal’s foundation since 2008 till 2011. In 2012 Mr. Murthy declined the financial assistance for unknown reasons. Why only 25 lakhs, is it good enough to help a noble cause which is revolting against the giants who are involved in scams of thousands of crores. Come on Mr. Murthy please practice what you preach, if you know we are ruled by corrupt leaders and the policies by these shameful leaders won’t lead us anywhere then why not come out in public and donate with an open heart and wallet. Don’t you want to help these small set of brave individuals bring a substantial change in our country. Please ask your employees to contribute Rs 10/month from their salary(which we are sure they won’t mind) and donate it to the honest political parties, if you do not want to give to Kejriwal then you please come and join politics or keep that money aside and wait for another individual like Kejriwal who is ready to sacrifice his/her life, fighting against the gundas/dons of  Indian political system.

Even if Mr.Murthy does not want to donate Kejriwal he should restrict himself from making any statements which might discourage other big Industrialists from donating for such a noble cause which unfortunately media in our country has sadly termed it as “Political Motive”.