MS Dhoni’s perfume 7: Does India need another perfume?

7 Feb

MS Dhoni and his wife Sakshi launching perfume 7 in DubaiMS Dhoni unarguably is the most popular Indian cricketer of the current times and also one of the richest sportsperson around the globe. Cricket is the only reason behind Dhoni’s popularity and bank balance, probably it’s is the best time for him to cash in his popularity and take his bank balances to new heights. The sad part is that Dhoni has launched a perfume line and followed the footsteps of other global sportspersons like Roger Federer and David Beckham, being a different kind of cricket captain who thinks out of the box, one would have expected him to follow his heart and launched something which would have really helped India or Indian sports men in some way. Why a perfume? Why not some high quality sports gear at a reasonable price for the kids of India?

It’s sad to see a sport like Cricket which is physically far less demanding compared to other sports has gained so much popularity in India. The popularity of Cricket has supressed other sports of our country, the money invested in sports is mainly diverted towards Cricket, and as a result we don’t have better facilities to encourage other sports. The big question the Indian leaders and sports policy makers should understand, is cricket really creating name for India around the globe? Sports like Tennis, Athletics and Soccer are the ones which would give India and Indian sports person a better name and respect around the globe. The results of the biasness with Cricket is quite evident, everyone knows how low we are ranked in other sports. An Indian sportsperson winning a Wimbledon will create lot more respect for India than some fat unfit guy hitting a triple century against Pakistan.

We all know the Indian government is doing nothing for sports other than cricket in our country, so it becomes a moral duty of these big cricketers with deep pockets to uplift other sports which are lagging behind. We don’t want any other perfume; there are already tonnes of perfumes out in the market. Our people want some Nike like Indian shoes which are much cheaper and can be helpful for the aspiring athletes or other sportsperson. We want some big guys to pump in big prize money into the sports which are lagging behind so many of us can be encouraged for options other than cricket.

Our Indian celebrities should understand that they are because of the people of India and it’s their duty to return favours to the country by doing sensible things in return. A Country where 80% of people barely earn $1 a day doesn’t require a cosmetic item like perfume. Hope MS Dhoni understands that and launches something which is targeted towards the betterment of India and not just his bank balance.

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