Mohinder Amarnath: Opening Pandora’s Box for Indian Cricket

13 Dec

Mohinder Amarnath blaming BCCI Mohinder Amarnath says M S Dhoni doesn’t deserve a place in Indian Test team and for some internal reasons Dhoni was allowed to retain the captaincy of team India. Now with these kinds of statements out in public the whole cricketing world and the fan base has been divided into two political party. One supporting Dhoni and other against him and his captaincy. It was a year ago when the whole world was embracing Dhoni and treated him as a hero for bringing the world cup to India. The situation has gone so bad now that people are questioning Dhoni’s capability as a captain.

People are blaming BCCI for not removing Dhoni and allowing him to continue as a captain, the question here is who else deserves to be the captain right now. Do we think Sehwag or Gambhir? Are they capable enough to lead Indian side? Sehwag who is caught in his own little world of bating nightmare of slogging the ball vs. defending, can he get the players together and lead the team. Gambhir who from his last two test matches looked more like playing for saving his place in the team, can he come out of the individual performance jinx and lead the team India.  Forget about the performance, the body language of Sehwag and Gambhir on the field itself reflects how good captain they can be, Sehwag who never runs after the ball if misfielded, Gambhir who always bats to add score against his name irrespective of teams fate(quite evident from last two test matches). Some might give example of Gambhir wining the IPL as a captain, the fact is Kolkata won IPL final only because of one player and that was Manvinder Bisla. It was not the creative captaincy of Gambhir which got them the cup. Virat Kohli is the promising player who can take up the captaincy but making him a captain right now will definitely ruin his career and BCCI should definitely not take that risk.

Mohinder Amarnath criticizing Dhoni The fact of the matter is currently there is no one in the team like Dhoni who is capable of leading the team. When the whole country is behind Sachin for giving him multiple chances to prove his ability then why not MS Dhoni be given a long rope to come out of this mess. We Indians are very emotional and pour out our sentiments very swiftly in appreciating or criticizing a player based on the current performance. We should not forget that Dhoni is by far the best captain we ever had in the history of Indian cricket. Changing captain at this juncture would be a blunder, yes everyone has to phase out some day so will Dhoni but the transition should happen keeping the future in mind. Creating some part time captains like Sehwag or Gambhir will definitely won’t help team India.

Mohinder Amarnath surely did a good job in bringing out the political side of BCCI in public but the timing of it, which is in the middle of an on-going series seriously raises questions about his true intention and love for Indian Cricket team. His statement will surely affect the performance of our Indian cricketers which starts in Nagpur on December 13, 2012.

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