Live-in relationship: Is Bollywood crossing the line?

27 Feb

Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu moving in togetherIn a recent interview Soha Ali Khan, daughter of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore revealed in an interview that she and her boyfriend Kunal Kemmu have bought a place together in Khar, Mumbai and will be shortly moving into their new home. Sounds like Bollywood’s yet another live-in relationship in the air. Not so long ago, the Bollywood stars would go to great lengths to hide their relationship status for fear of losing their fan following, not anymore, the times have changed, with the new generation of Indians closely following the Hollywood celebrities lifestyle, our Bollywood celebs are now getting more open about their live-in relationship.

With Indian celebrities marketing the word ‘Live-in’ relationships, the question to be asked, is India ready for such relationships? Is it something which can be followed by common people of India? Well the answer is a big no? In a country where almost everywhere a woman doesn’t feel safe travelling alone after 7′o clock in the night, how can a live-in relationship be justified? A country where the cops and ministers themselves are the rapist, how can a girl live alone with a guy before marriage? The argument seems baseless as some might ask how live-in relation gets affected by cops or ministers. It’s very simple, in our Indian society the fact is that the women are still being treated as objects, and it’s quite visible, just step out of your house and you can see thousands of hungry eyes staring women like they have never seen one. A woman in India has to think twice about what to wear before she steps out of the house, just to avoid the unnecessary glares and stares. The truth of the matter is that we have opened thousands of American restaurants and pubs across the country, we have started using the imported commodities, but the mind-set of an average Indian still remains the same. It’s like hardware has been upgraded but the underlying software is still the same.

So in a society which lacks the basic respect for women, how can we expect someone to respect a woman in a live-in relationship? Just imagine a girl living alone with a guy and if something goes wrong and the girls goes to a police station, we bet instead of supporting the girl the cops along with the media will try to find some fault with the girl as she was in a live-in relationship.

So why is Bollywood promoting the concept of live-in relationship? Why don’t they keep it with themselves, if they want to live with someone? The statement like of Soha Ali Khan’s openly announcing her moving in plans with Kunal Kemmu is definitely against our Indian society as it might encourage innocent guys and gals to follow their footsteps. We Indians have to understand the kind of people and culture we are surrounded by, as they say be a Roman in Rome, so be an Indian in India. We are not living in the US or UK where irrespective of the gender the kids move on with their individual life after they turn 16. In India a lonely woman is very vulnerable, be it the people in society or the Indian cops or Indian ministers, everyone in India tries to take undue advantage of a lonely woman, accept it or not it’s a fact. So it’s a request to all the Bollywood celebs that please do not announce your live-in plans with your partners out in public as you unknowingly might destroy life of a girl or boy. The Indian media should also understand its responsibility by not highlighting the live-in relationships of celebrities to such an extent.

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