Letter for changes to Aam Aadmi Party website

27 Nov

Hi Arvind,

You must be wondering that we haven’t added a Ji after Arvind, surely it doesn’t mean that we don’t admire you. Yes respect is there and that too in huge amount for the kind of tough path you have chosen. We just want you to make it mandate that no one refers you with Ji, it will start with Ji and a point will come that people in India for good or bad reasons will try and touch your feet wherever you go. You know that’s part of our culture and we think you should stay away from this kind of stupid practices our current Netas follow.

Here are our few suggestions for the Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) website(http://aamaadmiparty.org/):

1. No Anna Hazare ji or Gandhi ji on Home page
Yo said you are not separate from Annaji and you treat him as your guru and respect him immensely. So why no pictures of Anna ji on your home page. We think you should put pictures of Anna Hazare ji and Gandhi ji on the home page just as to reflect the ideology and path AAP wants to take. A lot has already been written about Anna ji separated from AAP, his picture will surely bring some peace to such stories.

2. Please remove “Pol Khol”
Please remove “Pol Khol” section immediately from the AAP website. AAP should be only about the party, vision, mission and goals nothing else. A third person looking at the AAP site shouldn’t form an opinion that it’s a bitching site about our current Netas. AAP should always reflect the new India’s peaceful gentlemen party which we Indians always wanted to be part of. Maybe you can have a different website for “Pol Khol” , we think best is to put it on India Against corruption website.

3. Rename “Agenda” to “Reforms”
AAP is trying to bring reforms in the country and constitution. Agenda is a very generic word used by door to door Netas and doesn’t suits the likes of AAP. Under “Reforms” you should highlight “Jan Lokpal”, “Right to Reject”, “Right to recall” and “Political Decentralization”. Any future task which calls for reforming the way our current political system works should come under “Reforms”

4. Add a new section “Issues”
Currently Rising Prices is an agenda, it should fall under the new section “Issues”. We need to highlight clearly what issues AAP is trying to resolve, “Rising Prices” is one another can be “Child Education”, hope you get our point here. Each of the Issues can have many sub articles associated to it so people of India get a complete picture of how AAP is planning to resolve the issues for example “Rising Prices” can have articles title – How to control Gas Price, How to control Food Price, etc etc.

5. Add a new section called “Attack Watch”
As the AAP grows, lot of Indian Netas are going to attack AAP with false allegations and made-up stories. The “Attack Watch” section will answer such stories and blames which will surely be thrown at the party at some point. Further you can add “Report Attack” section where people from all over India can report such attacks happening on AAP. There will be false emails going around or maybe some stupid SMS to bring down the image of AAP, “Report Attack” section will provide Indian citizens a means to report such incidents directly.

6. Rename “What can you do” with “How you can help”, the former sounds quite arrogant and demanding.

7. For Donation please tie up with some online payment gateway so people can use their account and credit cards to make donations online, no one has time to write a cheque or transfer fund using old traditional ways.

Well those were the few suggestions we have for the time being, will surely send more as we get feedback from others. We hope you go through them and seriously think about making those changes.

Good Luck
KLPD India Team