Is it time to say bye-bye Sehwag?

25 Nov

virender sehwags contribution to team IndiaYes he is one of the most furious batsman who can hit anything out of the fence and probably the most difficult batsman to bowl when in form. The big question is you never know when he is in form or when he is out of form. We all Indians back him for his unpredictable cricket and some of the most entertaining knocks he had played for our country. But how long we should support his moody cricket form, is he really the kind of player who should be included in the playing eleven for every game?

The biggest problem with Sehwag is his fitness and ‘I don’t care’ attitude towards the game both of which is pretty visible on the cricket field. The second cricket test match between India and England in Mumbai (2012) is the perfect example of Sehwag’s slackness on the field and with the bat. In the match Sehwag was fielding in the slip region for most of the time which requires a greater agility and sharpness. He missed quite a few chances by not bending enough in the slip fielding region. The worst part is Sehwag didn’t learned from his mistakes and because of his ‘I don’t care’ attitude continued to field standing upright in the slip area. Not just the catches, his body language and his energy level displayed during the fielding was pretty negative, if you observe him closely you will find that if he misses anything while fielding he will never run after it, even the way he appeals for an LBW or a run-out or anything, it will reflect a negative and don’t care attitude.

About Sehwag’s batting skills, well he is the kind of batsman who can hit sixes on some of the unplayable deliveries and can get out the very next ball playing a foolish shot. On many occasions one can see Sehwag just throwing away his wicket for no reason. The Indian coaches have tried changing his attitude but no one has been able to influence to change his unpredictable batting. This clearly shows his attitude towards contributing for team’s victory. He is a great batsman; records are in his favour but what’s the use if India keeps losing games because of his foolish attitude. Players like Sehwag do not understand the value of wearing Indian jersey; he will always play for himself but not for the country. The kind of ego he carries around on the field and in the dressing room is quite visible and probably that’s the thing which  will surely stop him entering the list of great players, he will probably be just remember as a good player who batted well.

Modern cricket has changed quite a lot, gone are the days when batsman were just supposed to bat and do nothing elsewhere,  nowadays they are also required to field well and contribute in all aspects towards team winning the game. Sehwag clearly lacks the skills which can positively impact the cricket of India.