India’s Got Talent 4 – Football Juggler and Kirron Kher Oct6, 2012

10 Oct

Meer Kamalludin - The football juggler on India's got talentIndia’s Got Talent (season 4) is the Indian franchise of the Got Talent series, a British TV format conceived and owned by Simon Cowell’s SYCOtv company.Contestants get three minutes to impress at least two judges in the audition.

Everything is fine with the show, but the judges at times cross their line and deliver speeches which can be really demotivating for some of the contestants who try their best to impress the 3 judges whose consent decides their fate in the talent show.

Here is an example of a football juggler Meer Kamalludin from West Bengal, India. Looks like his talent was not so polished to leave a mark on the minds of 3 Gods but the comments especially made by one of the judge Kirron Kher could really ruin contestant’s passion and love for his talent. Especially after being told by the contestant that this is what he does for his living, Kirron Kher and the other judge Malaika Arora Khan should have been little more sensible/sensitive in rejecting the talent of Meer Kamalludin.

The contestant with the hostsReaction of 3 judges after contestant's performance

After Meer’s performance here’s what Judges had to say:

Kirron Kher- What you do for living?
Contestant- I do such shows
Kirron Kher- Who watches your shows and what is there to watch?
Malaika Arora Khan- Ball balancing will lead you nowhere, the way you balance the football I think you should be a football player

Link to watch the fotball juggling by Meer

Link to watch the juggling and the comment by judges – Its a full video of the show, move the slider to 27:00 minute of the video to watch football juggler and the comments.