Indian Ministers: Shameful remarks on Delhi gang-rape

28 Dec

Indian political leadership seems to have gone all time low. A time when the country is shocked by the shameful gang rape incident in Delhi, there are ministers who are cracking jokes and passing road-side romeo like comments on this very sensitive issue.

Abhijit Mukherjee on Delhi gang rape protest in IndiaThe latest one is from none other than the son of current president of India Abhijit Mukherjee who is also a member of the Indian parliament. He referred to the females protesting in Delhi against this horrific incident as “middle-aged and caked in make-up”. There are many protests going on in the various parts of India, especially by young women, rightly asking for justice and strict action against the people who commit such crimes. Son of our respected president Mr Pranab Mukherjee describes the women taking part in these protests as “dented and painted” women rather than students. Abhijit Mukherjee told a local news channel “These pretty women, dented and painted… Have no contact with ground reality”. However Mukherjee was forced to apologise after his remarks were widely condemned. Abhijit’s sister Sharmishtha also described the comments as shocking. Abhijit Mukherjee’s Profile

Shafiquar Rahman Barq - BSP comment on rape in IndiaAnother parliamentarian Shafiquar Rahman Barq from Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP) blamed women’s clothes for rape incidents. He said “Indian culture has been overtaken by European culture; Women follow European way of dressing. It leaves their bodies naked, goons and thugs are being provoked by this kind of dressing.” The statement from BSP MP clearly shows his education level and sexist background he is coming from, unfortunately he is sitting in the Indian parliament for reasons only known to the people who voted for him. Mr Barq is talking about European culture, is he not aware of the fact that his very own party BSP leader voted in favour of FDI. Is he not aware that FDI regulation will also bring European companies in Indian market? So why is he complaining about European culture? Shafiquar Rahman Barq Profile

It’s a shame that these ministers are the ones sitting in the parliament, responsible for legislating new laws to fight against horrific crime like rape. If this is the kind of mind-set of Indian ministers, only God can help our nation.

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