Indian Cricketers: Is it time to get rid of superstars/lazy cricketers?

4 Jan

Sehwag, Gambhir - Are they fit to play for India - Image: espncricinfo.comFinally India lost the one day home series against Pakistan, going down fighting is one thing but losing in a humiliating manner is simply not acceptable to the people of India. Much of analysis has been done to post-mortem the reason behind the defeat and many cricket analysts believe that batting is the area which has let the country down. Batting has been Indian cricket team’s forte since the inception of the game. Simply because batting is made for lazy people, no fitness required, no major running required and no intense training required. What India has given to the cricket is just bunch of lazy cricketers who have been batsman most of their life? India has either created great batsmen or great spinners, both of which require minimum fitness level. Are Indian cricketers not willing to work hard? Why can’t India product genuine fast bowlers who can regularly bowl above 140 kph consistently. With BCCI being one of the richest sports body around the globe, it makes the Indian fan wonder why BCCI has not adopted processes and tools to create fast bowlers like Pakistan. Most of the premiere cricket playing nations around the world has fast bowlers as regular members of their team. India is still struggling to find one. It was really sad to see Indian batsman struggling against the pace of Pakistani bowlers on their home soil, clearly shows that Indian batsman lack the capability to face fast bowlers. Is it because team doesn’t have a fast bowler for batsman to practice in the nets?

Another question which troubles the Indian cricket fans is why the batsman like Sehwag, Gambhir, Rohit Sharma are being included in the team even after their repetitive failures. Sehwag and Gambhir with so much of experience to boast looked like lame duck in front of the Pakistani bowlers. If batting is our strength then why fear the fast bowlers. The main reason behind the two match lost against Pakistan can be clearly attributed to the start given by the openers. It’s about time that India should get rid of players like Shewag, Ghambhir, Rohit Sharma whose contribution towards team is only in batting. Especially the fitness level of Sehwag, Ghambir and some other cricketer proves that these players are really not working hard for their place in the team. The way they field and carry themselves on the ground also creates questions about their position in the Indian cricket team.

Sehwag and Gambhir fit to be part of the team?

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