Gujarat Congress malnutrition campaign shows Sri Lankan child

1 Dec

Gujarat Congress uses image of Sri Lankan flood victim baby for malnutrition

Picture as posted on Congress Party’s website

Indian National Congress on their website ( which they call it as an initiative to bring facts to light and to the notice of the people of Gujarat have posted a controversial picture on their website, showing a severely malnourished child under the malnutrition section.

Funny part is the picture they have posted is copied and edited from a website ( which happens to be a church website. The controversial picture was taken from a section of the church’s website which was seeking help from their users, post the Sri Lankan flood in February 2012.

Sri Lankan flood victim

Original picture on the Amyand Park Chapel website


A congress spokesperson on TV said that picture is the free livestock image which can be used by anyone. When we compare both the images it’s pretty obvious that they have taken the picture from the church’s website, modified it and posted it on their website.

It’s really a shame to see the extent to which Indian political parties can go to win the elections, from outside it looks like a small issue but it seriously raises question marks on the values our Indian politicians follow.

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