Gopal Kanda’s shameless birthday celebration

2 Jan

Gopal Kanda in Jail - Cartoon by Kushal BhattacharyaWhile India has still not overcome the agony of Delhi gang rape, here is an incident which proves that ministers of India are really not serious about the crime against women of India. Gopal Goyal Kanda a former home minister of Haryana state who is currently in jail for harassing his airline’s former employee Geetika Sharma to an extent that she committed suicide, was praised shamelessly on his 47th birthday by group of ministers who gathered at the Tara Baba complex in Haryana for Kanda’s birthday celebrations. Haryana Minister for Labour and Employment Shiv Charan Sharma, Chief Parliamentary Secretary and Fatehabad MLA Prahalad Singh Gillankhera and Panipat MLA OP Jain along with a paid crowd of supporters, on December 29, 2012 joined together at a function to celebrate the birthday of former minister Gopal Kanda who is in jail for his alleged involvement in the suicide of former air hostess Geetika Sharma.

The three ministers who are supporting Bhupinder Singh Hooda government of Haryana praised Kanda at his 47th birthday ceremony. Shiv Charan Sharma, a congress leader categorized the Geetika Sharma case as a small one and supported Kanda by referring the dead victim as a servant mistakenly hired by Kanda. Sharma further said “His birthday is being celebrated in jail and in Delhi also. Gopal Kanda is always amongst us. He doesn’t get afraid of anything. He doesn’t fear anyone”. Sharma also referred Kanda as a brave and honest person who has been falsely accused by those who are jealous of his extra-ordinary growth in life.

Isn’t this a shame that a person who initially went underground before surrendering against police, is now been treated as hero by his colleague ministers. Really makes us sad for the people of Haryana who are being ruled by such insensitive and low grade ministers. Currently CBI is inquiring the Geetika Sharma suicide case and we are sure that in few months Gopal Kanda will be again out on streets, in public and free of all charges. When the ministers who contribute towards the law reforms of the country are themselves talking highly about the people like Kanda, who the whole India knows is corrupt and a womanizer, how can we assume that this country will change and will bring reforms in the life of Indian Women?

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