December 29, 2012: The day when united India cried

31 Dec

Watch latest video of shocking Revelations from Delhi Gang Rape victim’s friend – The lone witness

In memory of Amanat, Damini, Nirbhaya

Finally she lost the battle and is gone forever, to a better place where God is her lone companion. She will be much happy there and wonder why she ever came on earth. She will complain to the God, why he sent her in the form of a girl and that too in a country like India. She will question God, why she was chosen for this destiny? Why wasn’t she given time to live her life like others? Why she had to leave her dreams in the mid-way? Unfortunately, even God is crying and has no answers to justify her fate.

So are the people of India, even they have no answers to the girls question.  First time, people of India stand together just for her. Everyone is crying and praying for her, they know it’s little too late for their prayers, because she is gone forever. People of India don’t want her sacrifice to go in vain, they know she is out there somewhere, smiling and waving back at millions of Indians on streets, she has opened the eyes of India and encouraged everyone to finally break their silence because she knows enough is enough. She sacrificed her life for the women of India who feel unsafe and unprotected in a country which spends millions on lady goddesses in the temples but still has no respect for women. She has created hope for the women of India to fight for their rights and has carved the path of fearless life for each and every woman of the country. She is there somewhere; she is the angel among us.

Her Father – “she wanted to become a doctor”

Amanat / Damini / Nirbhaya you will be always in our heart.

* We have removed the victim pictures as they had been taken from various websites on internet and we have not been able to verify its authenticity.

I pledge to respect Women

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