Congress MLA Ram Kumar Chaudhary involved in a Woman murder

27 Dec

Congress MLA Ram Kumar Chaudhary charged for murderYet another case of shame and injustice towards Woman in India, this time a newly elected MLA Congress leader Ram Kumar Chaudhary from the Doon constituency in Himachal Pradesh is charged for murdering 24 year old Jyoti Rani. According to Jyoti’s father Buti Ram she was handling Chaudhary’s financial matters during Assembly elections.

Jyoti was found murdered at Sector 21 in Panchkula on November 21, 2011. Investigations have revealed that Ram Kumar Chaudhary was in regular touch with her and was calling her from SIM cards procured on fake addresses and identities. The SIM card dealer Asheeh Kumar confirmed that he issued the cards on fake addresses to Chaudhary, dealer has been living in Baddi, the same area to which the MLA belongs. Police said that the location of Chaudhary’s original number on the day of the murder had been tracked closer to the site where the girl was found murdered. All the numbers used by Chaudhary and the other accused and that of the girl had been switched off. After being booked in a murder the newly-elected legislator Ram Kumar Chaudhary has gone underground.

It’s really sad to see people responsible for protecting people are themselves committing such horrendous crime. The congress party should have come out in public and kicked out the tainted legislator from party and should have completely disassociated him, but why will they do such a bold act? Was it not known to the congress party that Chaudhary has murder case against him and he should not be allowed to contest using party’s ticket? It’s not yet proven that Chaudhary is the culprit and surely it will take another ten years to prove him guilty or most probably after few years he will be left for not enough evidences, by that time the case would be forgotten and Chaudhary would have become even more powerful with his arms deep rooted enough in the dirty political soil that nobody would dare point figures at him.

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  • Milan Maheshwari

    why blame politicians when public itself has no brains!!!! instead of trying to understand the case, public will shout slogans “Hamara Neta”. What can neta do when public of India is stupid.