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Gujarat Congress malnutrition campaign shows Sri Lankan child

1 Dec

Gujarat Congress uses image of Sri Lankan flood victim baby for malnutrition

Picture as posted on Congress Party’s website

Indian National Congress on their website ( which they call it as an initiative to bring facts to light and to the notice of the people of Gujarat have posted a controversial picture on their website, showing a severely malnourished child under the malnutrition section.

Funny part is the picture they have posted is copied and edited from a website ( which happens to be a church website. The controversial picture was taken from a section of the church’s website which was seeking help from their users, post the Sri Lankan flood in February 2012.

Sri Lankan flood victim

Original picture on the Amyand Park Chapel website


A congress spokesperson on TV said that picture is the free livestock image which can be used by anyone. When we compare both the images it’s pretty obvious that they have taken the picture from the church’s website, modified it and posted it on their website.

It’s really a shame to see the extent to which Indian political parties can go to win the elections, from outside it looks like a small issue but it seriously raises question marks on the values our Indian politicians follow.

Does this incident hurts the feeling of India and Gujarat?

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Plastic Bag Rule: Is it really helping India?

21 Nov

India issues rules on plastic bagsGreat leaders of our country from the environment ministry on February 6, 2011 gave yet another reason to the Netas/Ministers of our country to rip off the common people of India. Calling this a fight against polluting plastic, environment ministry has mandated that plastic carry bags should be of a minimum thickness of 40 microns and should not be given free of cost to consumers. They have authorized the municipal authority to collect finance from shopping malls and plastic bag manufacturers for setting up plastic waste collection centres, further they have given legal permission to municipal authorities to determine the minimum price of carry bags depending upon their quantity and size to cover their material and waste management costs in order to encourage their re-use so as to minimize plastic waste generation.

The million dollar question, is this really helping India, off course not, but who cares as long as it is helping the big industrialists getting bigger and the netas/ministers getting richer. Any government mandate in India typically starts with a lot of hue and cry from the ruling opposition parties, but why everyone is silent on this one? Because all the political parties in our country are getting equal chance to milk money from this rule. Example- Karnataka is a BJP ruled state so BJP is enjoying the income generated from selling plastic bags, Delhi is a congress ruled state so Congress is milking big time, like wise all the state parties are getting their share, so no one is crying, simple.

The clever part is the way these plastic bags pricing has been done, looks like special care has been taken to price these bags so as the citizens really don’t feel the pinch. The bags have been priced Rs 2, Rs 3 and maximum Rs 7 , if the government of our country was really interested in full proof solution to the plastic menace these bags would have been priced much higher which would have really stopped people from buying and using them at the malls.

The Indian citizens are the ones who are being ripped off by these big malls and shopping canters, the bags which earlier were given for free are now being charged way too high than their manufacturing price. Tata’s electronic retail chain Croma which was already using eco-friendly paper bags has now started charging their customers for paper bags. Big or small all the businesses are trying to make money out of this new mandate from our great government.

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh had said “It is impractical and undesirable to impose a blanket ban on the use of plastic all over the country. The real challenge is to improve municipal solid waste management systems”. Has anyone seen any waste management system in place, like a plastic bag collection centre set-up by local municipal authorities? Who in the government has time to do all this good stuff, but yes they do have time to rip-off the citizens of India who are unwillingly paying crores of rupees to the corrupt ministers and industrialist of our country.

Ministry of environment and forest notification

Indian Olympic Association – A Global Shame

18 Nov

Suresh Kalmadi, tainted Indian Olympic Association PresidentThe Indian political system, famous for all wrong reasons among Indians is now making news internationally as well. A major confrontation between the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is on just days before the elections of IOA.  IOC has rejected the decision to hold the upcoming elections of Indian Olympic Association (IOA) under Sports Code of the Government and made it clear that the polls will have to be held exclusively under the Olympic Charter and the IOA constitution. The IOA-appointed Returning Officer, Justice (Retd) V K Bali had notified that the November 25 polls will be held under the Sports Code of Government but IOC said that this was “unacceptable” as it would violate the Olympic Charter and autonomy of National Olympic bodies.

IOC closely wants to monitor the upcoming elections of the IOA in the wake of IOC’s Ethics Commission barring tainted Suresh Kalmadi and his two close aides (Lalit Bhanot, VK Verma) from contesting in the polls. This response from IOC came after the former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi sent a note to IOC concerning the IOA elections. The IOA had appointed a three member committee headed by Quraishi and two former judges of High court- Justice JD Kapoor and Justice Bali to oversee the upcoming elections. The resignation of SY Quraishi as chairman of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) election committee on November 17, 2012 has further raised question marks on the authenticity of IOA elections.

Chairman of the IOC Ethics Commission, Youssoupha Ndiaye has said “In view of this analysis of the facts, the IOC Ethics Commission is of the opinion that it should recommend that Kalmadi, Verma and Bhanot be suspended from all their functions within the IOA until the final decision by the competent court in India”. All the three Suresh Kalmadi, VK Verma and Lalit Bhanot were jailed and subsequently released on bail in connection with the Commonwealth Games corruption scandal. Kalmadi was the chairman of the Organising Committee while Bhanot was the Secretary General. Verma was one of the Director Generals of the Organising Committee.

It’s really a shame that after being proven guilty Kalmadi and Bhanot are still listed as president and Joint Secretary on IOA’s website( Lalit Bhanot has even filed his nomination for the post of Secretary General of the IOA. No wonder IOC doesn’t want the corrupt Indian politics to defame and hurt the reputation of the International Olympic Committee.

Boycott Indian Children’s Day

16 Nov

Boycott Indian Childern's dayIn India Children’s Day is celebrated on 14 November, the birthday of the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Nehru was India’s first Prime minister and external affairs minister from 15 August 1947 till 27 May 1964. He played a major role in shaping modern Indian government and political culture. Look where are we right now, dirty politics all around, corruption at its best, insecure Indian citizens.

Who is responsible? Off course our so called Chacha Nehru who instead of working for the people worked for himself and his family. It is India’s bad fate that we got Nehru as the first prime minister after India got the independence in 1947 otherwise we would haven been a much much better country.

All of us who support this Idea, please join the movement to boycott Indian children’s day by not allowing your little one’s or anyone you know to celebrate Children’s day on 14th Nov, because it’s Nehru’s birthday who along with his family has let our country down.

We should pledge not to celebrate Children’s day until it is celebrated on any day other than Nehru’s birthday because it is because of Nehru and his family that today no child feels safe in India.

Here are few articels from the internet:

Why Jawaharlal Nehru is the root cause of India’s economic troubles

Pt. Nehru Committed Blunders

Jawaharlal Nehru Exposed – A True Untold Story

Manmohan Singh’s changes to his cabinet – Helping India or Congress party ?

31 Oct

Manmohan Sonia Rahul - Saving CongressPrime Minister Manmohan Singh gave his cabinet a face lift on Sunday(Oct 28, 2012). Promoting/Demoting ministers, bringing in younger ministers in a bid to breathe new life into his aged scandal-tainted government ahead of 2014 state and Lok Sabha elections.

Party general secretary Janardan Dwivedi termed the reshuffle in the Union Cabinet as a “meaningful change” giving representation to both youth and experience and hoped it will further “improve” the functioning of the government.

How should the Indian citizens see these changes, are they really for our benefit  Do the Congress led UPA really cares about people sentiments? Are they really serious to fight against corrouption?

Here are few questionable decisions after the cabinet reshuffle and we leave it open for people to decide if it was really meant for people or for the benefit of Congress party:

1. Salman Khurshid, who was the Law Minister, took charge as the External Affairs Minister despite allegations of corruption. A clear indication of the confidence he is enjoying of the government and the party. This will further add Salman Khurshid to the list of India’s all-powerful Cabinet committee on security which is
headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has defence minister AK Antony, finance minister P Chidambaram and home minister Sushilkumar Shinde as the other members. Is this move to get the votes of minority community in 2014? Is congress taking the issue of corrouption lightly?

2. Jaipal reddy was shunted as the Petroleum Minister and made the Science and Technology Minister. Many allege that Jaipal Reddy has been removed for pleasing Reliance. It is very much clear that the government is unhappy with the manner in which Mr. Reddy worked. Surely Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man would have loved this decision. Will this move by government help the party funds for forthcoming 2014 elections?

3. Congress’s loyal spokesperson Manish Tewari was promoted as the Information And Broadcast Minister replacing Ambika Soni. At a time when questions are being raised on whether or not media should be regulated? Is this move to get support of media and citizens who so far have been very unhappy with government’s stand on media regulation?

4. The UPA has also roped in more faces(six) from Andhra Pradesh at a time when it is grappling from the Telangana agitation.Two of the new faces are from Telangana, Sarve Satyanarayana and Balram Naik. Congress so far had faced lot of heat on Telangana issue and the success of YSR congress in this year by-election proves that Congress has no chance to win Andhra Pradesh in 2014. By adding six ministers which includes a movie superstar turned-politician Chiranjeevi from AP, is congress trying to placate the demand for the separate statehood of Telangana and win some votes in 2014?

5. The Congress also made sure that it replied to Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee’s walkout from the UPA in a strong manner. Two of the TMC chief’s strongest political opponents have been elevated to the cabinet. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury as minister of state for railways and Deepa Dasmunsi as minister of state for urban development have been inducted into the Cabinet.

6. The logic of adding young ministers to the cabinet does not make any sense at this point when the country is just 1.5 years away from 2014 general elections. In India,the parliament conducts three sessions each year, with just handful of sessions left before the elections we sincerely doubt if any major reforms or laws can be brought in which can really affect the country and people in a positive way.

Salman Khurshid – Shameful law minister of India

17 Oct

Salman Khrushid - A shame law minister of IndiaSalman Khurshid is an Indian politician belonging to the Indian National Congress, a lawyer, and a writer who has been elected from Farrukhabad Lok Sabha constituency in the General Election of 2009. He is presently the Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of Law and Justice and Ministry of Minority Affairs.
It has been revealed and proved by media that Salman Khrushid and his wife Louise Khurshid have been involved in misappropriation of funds by Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust for physically challenged people associated with him and his wife.

The ruling party Congress strongly defended its minister Salman Khurshid and social activist Arvind Kejriwal questioned this and alleged that the Trust misused the funds alloted by Government with the help of 34 documents with forged signatures.

On October 16, 2012, Mr Khurshid appeared to threaten Mr Kejriwal about his proposed visit to the minister’s constituency of Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh. Mr Kejriwal says he will inform voters there about the allegations of graft confronting the minister.
“I don’t give a visa to go there but it’s a long road to Farrukhabad. It is 300 kilometres away (from Delhi). He can get there…but how will he return?” asked Mr Khurshid at his Delhi home on Tuesday night surrounded by his supporters. “I am trained as a lawyer…to work with ink and pens…but it is time to replace ink with blood,” he added.

How can a Law minister of India even use such words, really shameful. India is truly in hands of bad people.

Link to the wiki page of Salman Khurshid

Beni Prasad Verma – Rs 71 lakh, too small an amount for Salman Khurshid

16 Oct

Beni Prasad Verma is an Indian politician and presently a member of the Congress political party and is currently steel Minister of Indian Government.

The minister rubbished allegations against Salman Khurshid’s NGO by arguing that Rs 71 lakh was too small an amount for a Union Cabinet member.

“I believe Salman Khurshid could not have embezzled Rs 71 lakh,” he said, adding, “It is a very small amount for a central minister. I would have taken it seriously if the amount was Rs 71 crore.”

Its so shameful and heartbreaking for we Indians that we are ruled by such immature politicians. God knows how they are managing our country with such an awful mindset.

Watch - Beni Prasad Verma’s comments

Read Beni Prasda Verma’s wiki page.

Dharambir Goyat – Shameful Haryana Congress leader

16 Oct

Dharambir Goyat - Shameful Haryana Congress leaderDharambir Goyat a HPCC(Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee) member and Congress Hisar district spokesman has blamed the women and said that 90 per cent of rapes happen due to consensual sex having gone wrong. In a shocking and outrageous statement, the Congress leader said, “I don’t feel any hesitation in saying that 90 per cent of the girls want to have sex intentionally but they don’t know that they would be gang raped further as they find some lusty and pervasive people in the way ahead.”

Goyat later retracted from his statement. “The girl gets into an affair with a boy and she goes with him without knowing that he is of criminal mindset. It’s not the state government which is responsible for rapes. Infact in most of the cases it is consensual sex”

Watch Haryana Cong leader blames girls for rapes, says 90 pc cases due to consensual sex

Vitthal Radadiya, a Congress MP threatening with gun

16 Oct

Vitthal RadadiyaCongress MP from Porbandar in Gujarat Vitthal Radadiya’s car was stopped by the toll booth personnel at Karjan near Vadodara late on Thursday(Oct 11, 2012) night. When the driver showed him Radadiya’s identification card, the toll booth attendant demanded to see the original identity card. It was when the driver and the toll booth were arguing with each other that Radadiya stepped out of the car and threatened to shoot the attendants whom he claimed were wasting his time.Defending himself for his act Gujarat Congress leader Vitthal Radadiya said that he pulled the rifle for the safety of his life.

What a mockery of law, if an Indian MP feels unsafe what about common people like us? MPs like this bring a bad name to our country and irrespective of any party he should be sacked and thrown out from parliament.

Watch Vitthal Radadiya’s CCTV footage.

Watch Vitthal Radadiy’s defence statement.

Sonia Gandhi – Haryana Visit a political stunt?

11 Oct

Greetings Sonia ji, thank God you finally came to know about too many rape incidents in Haryana. The sad part is that your Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, who hasn’t met a single rape victim so far, accompanied you to meet the victim. Isn’t it a shame that the CM of a state seem to be least concerned about the rape shame happening across his own state.

Sonia ji please tell us the fact, were you really concerned about the victim or it was just another political stunt to get more supporters for Congress party. If it was not an politically motivated visit why did you made a statement like this “rapes happen everywhere and are not restricted to Haryana alone”. This statement really hurts us deeply, now we see how Rahul came up with a weird statement after Mumbai bomb blasts “These sorts of attacks or bomb blasts can’t be stopped and will continue to take place in India. Even Americans get attacked”

Please Sonia ji, keep your foul politics away from such horrifying incidents, being a leader of the country and dictating your terms on us since last so many years you just cannot support rape incident figures in Haryana by comparing it with other states.

Also it would have helped further if instead of spending money on your meaningless visit and the security caravan expenses which followed you during your visit, you should have donated your visit-expense money to the victim’s family. Maybe you thought if you give to this family yo will end up paying many more families in Haryana who are getting raped right now or will be raped in the near future :)

Rahul made so may visits to UP before the 2012 elections, so called pad yatra and what not, did it help, NO. so how Sonia ji thinks it will help her in Haryana.