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Indian Army Colonel smuggling drugs worth Rs 20 crore

25 Feb

Colonel Ajay Choudhury arrested for smuggling drugs in ManipurAfter the tainted Politicians, Indian bureaucrats involved in the recent chopper deal scandal, now it’s the Indian army personnel adding more shame to the defense ministry. So far many of us in India were/are living in a belief that Indian army is a group of true civilians who at any cost will never let the country down, please correct yourself if you are the one living under such an high belief for our Indian Army because it looks like the Indian army’s obsession to serve mother India is no more the case now and greed for money has been injected into our country’s prestigious army troops as well.

In one of the biggest drug hauls in the State of Manipur, Colonel Ajay Choudhury a Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Press Information Bureau (Defense Wing), was caught along with five persons by Manipur police Commandos while trying to smuggle illicit drugs (pseudoephedrine tablets) worth Rs 20 crores into Myanmar through the border town Moreh. This is third time in less than two months that Manipur police have seized large consignment of drugs in the State.

The commando team arrested six persons who were in the three vehicles. The first vehicle was a Bolero from which they arrested Colonel Ajay Chowdhary,49 years, of Bihar infantry posted at M sector Imphal as a Public relation officer(Ministry of Defence) along with his companion who is also the Assistant manager of Indigo Airlines in Manipur and an Indigo security staff officer identified as Ngairangbam Brojendro, 40 years. They were driving with three carton boxes, one suit case, six gunny bags and one big carry bag containing illegal tablets. Second vehicle was again a Bolero from which they arrested Haupu Haokip, 28 years, along with another occupant identified as Minthang  Doungel, 29 years. Their vehicle had two big size airbags, five carton boxes and one gunny bag containing tablets. The third vehicle was a Tata Safari and was driven by Minlin Haokip, 25 years, and another occupant in the front seat said to be an army personal of 165 Infantry Battalion posted in Assam. They were caught with eight big size gunny bags, one carton box and five airbags.

When questioned about the seizure, Colonel Ajay Choudhury reportedly told police that he was not aware of the goods and thought they were the personnel goods of his travelling colleagues. Later it was also found that the vehicles used by the PRO defence was bearing double registration number plates: one, with a  fake number above the original number plate bearing MN04A / 6968, with the fake number MN04 / 8390 stuck above.

Ajay Chaudhary said he was “cheated” by “nephew of a very senior officer” into accompanying him. He said “Yesterday, the nephew of a very senior officer whom I know had come to me. I have met him two or three times at his place. He said he had come to trade in Moreh and a few people harassed him enroute to Moreh, I asked him what it was, he said nothing just a few things that I deal with. There will be a few packages I would be taking in my car. So you don’t have to worry. So I said OK…,” Chaudhary also asked his friend from IndiGo Airlines who agreed to join him so that they could do some shopping in Moreh.

Now if all the story which Mr. Ajay Chaudhary is narrating for his innocence, why in the world he had a fake number on his vehicle? According to some news agencies, PRO Ajay Chowdhary had confessed and revealed that it is not the first time that he had carried drug consignments to the border town of Moreh and that he had already made five to six trips for which he gets Rs 6 lakhs per trip.

FDI – In hands of two-faced Politicians of India

8 Dec

Finally the drama of FDI in multi-brand retail came to an end with government of India winning votes in both the houses of parliament in the support for allowing FDI in multi-brand retail in India. The good things that came out of this episode were the true faces of our netas/ministers who are the so called leaders of our country responsible for paving the best path for modern India.

In Lok Sabha speakers from 14 out of 18 political parties spoke strongly against the FDI which included Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP) and Samajwadi Party(SP) speaking against the government, but when it came down to voting BSP and SP walked out of the parliament making their vote not accountable and thus helping the Government win. Truly for these ministers their speech means nothing when it comes down to real action. Mulayam Singh Yadav the leader of Samajwadi Party did a compelling speech and strongly criticized the FDI coming in Indian retail market. BSP representative Dara Singh Chauhan warned that “people are anxious over the impact this policy can have on their lives. They fear the multi-national companies will take away their livelihoods. The government should not rush with it.” One thing that clearly comes out is that these netas/ministers keep their personal motives and benefits above the interest of our country and whatever they say it simply means nothing and is of zero value.

In Rajya Sabha BSP leader Mayawati gave full support to government’s proposed policy for FDI, God only knows why she took a ‘U’ turn when only two days ago her representative had spoken against it. Samajwadi Party like in Lok Sabha walked out moments before the voting started and thus helped the government to again come out victorious in Rajya Sabha on the issue of FDI.

The UPA Government seems to be very excited about FDI in retail, but the question still remains the same is it going to help we citizens in any way? Sibal says the new stores will probably open only in 18 cities of India and on the other hand contradicts that it will create new jobs and help farmers our country. How can opening new shopping malls in just 18 cities benefit Indian farmers and create jobs, if it is really for India then why only 18 cities why not all across country. Sibal said the foreign company would be forced to invest 50 million dollars during first three years of their tenure in infrastructure and back office operations. Are our ministers and bureaucrats honest enough to track the 50 million in the interest of our country? We all know how this 50 million will generate new ways for corruption in India.

Well we think that there is no point in debating this now as the decision is already taken to get FDI in retail markets in India. Finally like ever again the voice of Indians have gone to the deaf ears of our greedy politicians and law makers of our country who for their personal motives and aspirations force unwanted things to the throat of innocent citizens of India.

To lighten up things here are some funny FDI cartoons floating out in the internet world:
FDI Cartoons- Manmohan to RetailersFDI Cartoons- Manmohan Sonia beating aam aadmiFDI Cartoons- Mulayam Mayawati blindly supporting CongressFDI Cartoons- Manmohan sacrificing interests of common manFDI Cartoons- Manmohan to MiddlemanFDI Cartoons- Common people experienceFDI Cartoons- Old movement Vs New movementFDI Cartoons- Manmohan reacting to Indian tradersFDI Cartoons- Wlmarts Indian business modelFDI Cartoons- Gandhiji on FDI CartoonsFDI Cartoons- Manmohan inviting citizens in a foreign mallFDI Cartoons- Congress party on FDIFDI Cartoons- Manmohan and common manFDI Cartoons- Obama with Manmohan on FDIFDI Cartoons- Mulayam Mayawati carrying Manmohan acrossFDI Cartoons- Manmohan Sonia to common manFDI Cartoons- Sonia Gandhi reason for FDIFDI Cartoons- DMK support for FDIFDI Cartoons- Good reason against FDIFDI Cartoons- Manmohans reason for FDIFDI Cartoons- Walmarts business plan in India

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Plastic Bag Rule: Is it really helping India?

21 Nov

India issues rules on plastic bagsGreat leaders of our country from the environment ministry on February 6, 2011 gave yet another reason to the Netas/Ministers of our country to rip off the common people of India. Calling this a fight against polluting plastic, environment ministry has mandated that plastic carry bags should be of a minimum thickness of 40 microns and should not be given free of cost to consumers. They have authorized the municipal authority to collect finance from shopping malls and plastic bag manufacturers for setting up plastic waste collection centres, further they have given legal permission to municipal authorities to determine the minimum price of carry bags depending upon their quantity and size to cover their material and waste management costs in order to encourage their re-use so as to minimize plastic waste generation.

The million dollar question, is this really helping India, off course not, but who cares as long as it is helping the big industrialists getting bigger and the netas/ministers getting richer. Any government mandate in India typically starts with a lot of hue and cry from the ruling opposition parties, but why everyone is silent on this one? Because all the political parties in our country are getting equal chance to milk money from this rule. Example- Karnataka is a BJP ruled state so BJP is enjoying the income generated from selling plastic bags, Delhi is a congress ruled state so Congress is milking big time, like wise all the state parties are getting their share, so no one is crying, simple.

The clever part is the way these plastic bags pricing has been done, looks like special care has been taken to price these bags so as the citizens really don’t feel the pinch. The bags have been priced Rs 2, Rs 3 and maximum Rs 7 , if the government of our country was really interested in full proof solution to the plastic menace these bags would have been priced much higher which would have really stopped people from buying and using them at the malls.

The Indian citizens are the ones who are being ripped off by these big malls and shopping canters, the bags which earlier were given for free are now being charged way too high than their manufacturing price. Tata’s electronic retail chain Croma which was already using eco-friendly paper bags has now started charging their customers for paper bags. Big or small all the businesses are trying to make money out of this new mandate from our great government.

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh had said “It is impractical and undesirable to impose a blanket ban on the use of plastic all over the country. The real challenge is to improve municipal solid waste management systems”. Has anyone seen any waste management system in place, like a plastic bag collection centre set-up by local municipal authorities? Who in the government has time to do all this good stuff, but yes they do have time to rip-off the citizens of India who are unwillingly paying crores of rupees to the corrupt ministers and industrialist of our country.

Ministry of environment and forest notification

Is HSBC promoting corruption and terrorism in India?

10 Nov

Google acknowledges - HSBC Corrupt and promoting terrorismA probe by the US senate’s permanent subcommittee on investigations found that HSBC(HSBC-USA ) in 2009 authorized its affiliate to supply Indian rupees to Saudi Arabia’s Al Rajhi Bank, which, the report said, has links to financing terrorism. The report also said that Al Rajhi Bank handled IIRO’s ( International Islamic Relief Organisation) “charitable contributions intended to benefit suicide bombers by directing Al Igatha Journal advertisements in Somalia, Sri Lanka, India, and the Philippines.”

“From 2007 to 2010, HBUS (HSBC-USA ) continued to supply, through its London branch, hundreds of millions of US dollars to Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia. In addition , at Al Rajhi Bank’s request , HBUS expanded the relationship in January 2009, by authorizing its Hong Kong branch to supply Al Rajhi Bank with non-US currencies , including the Thai bat, Indian rupee, and Hong Kong dollar”. It further said that Al Rajhi Bank had gained notoriety as well for providing banking services to several of the hijackers in the 9-11 terrorist attack, including Abdulaziz al Omari who was aboard American Airlines Flight 11.

The report also stated that HSBC’s anti-money laundering (AML) compliance department, which included employees in India, was highly inadequately staffed. Deficiencies were found in the quality of the work done by HSBC’s “offshore reviewers in India”, who were used for clearing a major backlog of suspected transaction alerts at the bank.

In simple words all of the above means that any person from any part of the world can donate funds to charitable organisation IIRO through HSBC, labeling it for purposes such as ‘war and disaster’ or ‘sponsor a child’. HSBC, with a click of button, will transfer money to the IIRO account in Saudi Arabia’s Al Rajhi Bank, from where the fund will be distributed for terrorism and terrorist activities.

That was about terrorism, here is how HSBC is promoting corruption in India(A big thanks to our Indian Government):

In July 2011, Indian Government received a list of roughly 700 people(along with their bank balances of 2006) having bank accounts in HSBC , Geneva(Switzerland). The list had big names likes Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Naresh Kumar Goyal etc. On receiving this list in July 2011 our smart Indian Government controlled Income Tax department, smelling the opportunity to earn bribe, started conducting raids. One noticeable point here is that the government only raided people with small account, but big people with much bigger accounts were not raided?

Three raids were conducted on 28th July 2011 in Delhi. Shri Parminder Singh Kalra, Shri Praveen Sawhney and Shri Vikram Dhirani were the three unfortunate gentlemen who felt the axe effect from our reputed Income Tax department. For the sake of space we are just mentioning the summary of Mr. Kalra, rest can be viewed on IAC(India Against Corruption) website.

In his statement Kalra stated that he opened an account in HSBC, Zurich on 29.1.2001 and was introduced to the bank by Mr Charles Habnumch, investment consultant based in Zurich. He also added that the deposit in bank of around Rs.8-9 crores were not disclosed to the Income tax authorities in India. Kalra further mentioned during the raid that after opening the account, he gave cash to some person in India as instructed by Mr Charles for being deposited in his account in HSBC, Zurich.
He stated that he gave the money in several installments in Delhi to certain persons as instructed by Mr Charles. In 2008 or 2009, Kalra instructed Mr Charles to close the account. Money of about Rs.8 to 9 crores was delivered to Kalra at Delhi in cash by several persons from time to time as per instructions of Mr Charles.

In simple words, it appears that perhaps it is easier to open a Swiss bank account than it is to open an account in SBI. You just need to contact HSBC in India. They would send someone at your home, who would get forms filled up, take money in cash from you and your account would get opened in Geneva or Dubai. You don’t need to go out of India to open an account or to operate your account. If you have to deposit cash or withdraw money, you just call up HSBC person in Geneva. Immediately someone in India from HSBC would visit your house and your bank transactions will complete. This is called “hawala” and is a serious crime under FEMA and Prevention of Money Laundering Act

Bangalore Mysore expressway scam: Probe ordered against SM Krishna, BS Yeddyurappa and HD Devegowda

1 Nov

SM Krishna former Chief minister of Karnataka and former External Affairs MinisterA special Lokayukta court on October 25, 2012 ordered Lokayukta police to probe the involvement of External Affairs Minister SM Krishna, former Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa and Janata Dal (Secular) leader HD Devegowda(former prime minister of India 1996-97) in the alleged Mysore-Bangalore Express Highway scam.

A private complaint was filed by social activist TJ Abraham against the consortium of NICE (Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise) and various ministers and bureaucrats. In his complaint, he has accused 103 people of fraud including ex-chief ministers of all three major parties in Karnataka: B S Yeddyurappa, H D Devegowda, S M Krishna, Dharam Singh along with 57 IAS officers including 4 principal chief secretaries. Abraham has also alleged the involvement of ICICI Bank’s ex-chairman N Vaghul and former Advocate – General Ashok Haranahalli and NICE Managing Director Ashok Kheny. Total allotment of this scam could amount to Rs 17,000 crores.former Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa

T.J. Abraham, highlighted alleged irregularities in the acquisition of farmers’ land for the project and the execution of the same.

Major allegations:

(1) Increase in extent of lands in the Frame Work Agreement
(2)Subsequent increase of government lands at minimum lease rent contrary to agreed conditions.
(3) Alignment shift of Peripheral Road, Link Road & Township No.1 brought in after 1998, but list gets circulated in 1997 itself.
(4) KIADB(Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board) enters into agreement with NICE on 14/10/1998, and incorporates fraudulent land list/details to the schedule
(5) Fraud in obtaining/claiming stamp duty exemption for the toll road and also increasing the private lands by deceit.
(6) Creation of sale of land at interchanges on toll road to facilitate financial closure for NECEL and to grab an additional extent of around 1,200 acres of private lands for mortgaging with ICICI Bank to raise funds:
(7) Construction of bituminous road instead of concrete road and collection of tolls ‘illegally’ and
(8) Preparation of Outline Development Plan (ODP) for 1,67,000 acres instead of 20,193 acres – ODP prepared by NICE and stamped by government as if prepared by latter.

HD Devegowda - former prime minister of IndiaIn the hearing in the Lokayukta court on 17th September, Abraham said, not a single kilometre of the ‘concrete road’ of Bangalore Mysore Expressway is built, as per the framework. He claims, “It was a myth created about Bangalore to Mysore expressway by NICE. In reality it is a Bangalore to Bangalore project exercised for land grabbing.”

Additional DGP (Lokayukta) H.N. Sathyanarayana Rao has been ordered to conduct the probe against the three(Krishna, Yeddyurappa, Devegowda) and 27 others.