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MS Dhoni’s perfume 7: Does India need another perfume?

7 Feb

MS Dhoni and his wife Sakshi launching perfume 7 in DubaiMS Dhoni unarguably is the most popular Indian cricketer of the current times and also one of the richest sportsperson around the globe. Cricket is the only reason behind Dhoni’s popularity and bank balance, probably it’s is the best time for him to cash in his popularity and take his bank balances to new heights. The sad part is that Dhoni has launched a perfume line and followed the footsteps of other global sportspersons like Roger Federer and David Beckham, being a different kind of cricket captain who thinks out of the box, one would have expected him to follow his heart and launched something which would have really helped India or Indian sports men in some way. Why a perfume? Why not some high quality sports gear at a reasonable price for the kids of India?

It’s sad to see a sport like Cricket which is physically far less demanding compared to other sports has gained so much popularity in India. The popularity of Cricket has supressed other sports of our country, the money invested in sports is mainly diverted towards Cricket, and as a result we don’t have better facilities to encourage other sports. The big question the Indian leaders and sports policy makers should understand, is cricket really creating name for India around the globe? Sports like Tennis, Athletics and Soccer are the ones which would give India and Indian sports person a better name and respect around the globe. The results of the biasness with Cricket is quite evident, everyone knows how low we are ranked in other sports. An Indian sportsperson winning a Wimbledon will create lot more respect for India than some fat unfit guy hitting a triple century against Pakistan.

We all know the Indian government is doing nothing for sports other than cricket in our country, so it becomes a moral duty of these big cricketers with deep pockets to uplift other sports which are lagging behind. We don’t want any other perfume; there are already tonnes of perfumes out in the market. Our people want some Nike like Indian shoes which are much cheaper and can be helpful for the aspiring athletes or other sportsperson. We want some big guys to pump in big prize money into the sports which are lagging behind so many of us can be encouraged for options other than cricket.

Our Indian celebrities should understand that they are because of the people of India and it’s their duty to return favours to the country by doing sensible things in return. A Country where 80% of people barely earn $1 a day doesn’t require a cosmetic item like perfume. Hope MS Dhoni understands that and launches something which is targeted towards the betterment of India and not just his bank balance.

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Narayan Murthy don’t want to fund Kejriwal

7 Nov

Narayana Murthy  - An honest leaderInfosys founder NR Narayana Murthy on November 6, 2012 clarified he has not donated any money to the Public Cause Research Foundation, an organisation led by India against corruption leader Arvind Kejriwal for any political activities as reported by a section of the media. “When Kejriwal approached me in September 2012 asking for financial assistance, I declined. Hence, I have not financially supported Mr Kejriwal’s political activities,” stated Murthy.

It is really funny to see big rich good guys in India dissociating them from Kejriwal. Earlier this year Mr. Murthy at the first convocation of IIT Gandhinagar, directly/indirectly slamming the policies of Indian government had said “We have cut our own legs off by our inaction, by our policies”.  In one of his earlier comments he also attacked UPA by saying UPA-2 had failed to move ahead with reforms despite being in office for over two years and put a part of the blame on the dual leadership structure with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh heading the government while Sonia Gandhi controlled the party. Clearly Mr. Murthy is not happy the way our country is being managed and surely he won’t be happy with the corrupt individuals who are very much part of the Indian politics, so why Mr. Murthy is dissociating him from Kejriwal, is Kejriwal trying to do something bad for India? Is bringing out corrupt Netas in public a crime? Was Mr. Murthy only supporting the movement and does not want a new genuine political party to born in India. One thing these Industrialists need to understand that just supporting a movement won’t help India. We have reached a point where we completely need to overhaul the political system of our country. Just bashing the current policies won’t be on any help. If we don’t want the don and mafias getting deep rooted in Indian political system, the big industrialists like Mr. Muthy should openly support Kejriwal and any such honest individual who wants to join the politics.

Mr. Murthy has been donating Rs 25 lakh/year to Kejriwal’s foundation since 2008 till 2011. In 2012 Mr. Murthy declined the financial assistance for unknown reasons. Why only 25 lakhs, is it good enough to help a noble cause which is revolting against the giants who are involved in scams of thousands of crores. Come on Mr. Murthy please practice what you preach, if you know we are ruled by corrupt leaders and the policies by these shameful leaders won’t lead us anywhere then why not come out in public and donate with an open heart and wallet. Don’t you want to help these small set of brave individuals bring a substantial change in our country. Please ask your employees to contribute Rs 10/month from their salary(which we are sure they won’t mind) and donate it to the honest political parties, if you do not want to give to Kejriwal then you please come and join politics or keep that money aside and wait for another individual like Kejriwal who is ready to sacrifice his/her life, fighting against the gundas/dons of  Indian political system.

Even if Mr.Murthy does not want to donate Kejriwal he should restrict himself from making any statements which might discourage other big Industrialists from donating for such a noble cause which unfortunately media in our country has sadly termed it as “Political Motive”.

Vijay Mallya – Dasara 2012′s Ravan of bad times

24 Oct

Vijay Mallya - Dasara 2012's Ravan of bad times “Stressed, wife of Kingfisher Airlines employee allegedly commits suicide”

“My husband works with Kingfisher and they have not paid him salary for the last six months. We are in acute financial crisis and I am committing suicide,” the note said.

This happened on october 4, 2012 and till date Dr Vijay Mallya hasn’t spoken over the crisis and the tough times his employees are going through. Is Mallya group out of money, how is this possible here are some of his eye catching assets:

Bought Bangalore IPL team: Rs 464 crores

Bought Formula team for Rs 610 crores

Owns 312-foot yacht Indian Empress worth Rs. 450 crore

Owns a fleet of vintage cars and a stud farm with more than 200 horses.

When companies like Toyota, Honda, BMW have opted out of F1 race due to high cost, Mr Mallya is still running the show with all pride, on an average the yearly expense of running the F1 comes to around $100 million/year.

sounds like Mallya has a lot to spend on his luxury and hobbies but noting for the employees of Kingfisher airlines in India. Now when the KF airlines is in trouble Mallya is asking Indian Government to provide a bailout. Why should tax payer’s money be used to revive his airlines?

The Kingfisher airlines have employees in different parts of the world, but the overseas employees have been treated differently, they have been paid their full dues on time. So why this discrimination with Indian employees? Off course because the Indian companies think they can buy the law in India and that’s what is happening in the case of Kingfisher, here are reasons how the corrupt Indian system has supported Vijay Mally’s airlines so long:

- On November12, 2011 Prime ministe of India Manmohan singh reacted to the Kingfisher crisis saying “we have to find ways to get Kingfisher out of trouble”. Why Mr Prime Minister wants to bail out a private airline?

- In July 2012 the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Bharat Bhushan lost his job within hours after he gave his statement on Kingfisher not submitted its recovery plan “This is completely unacceptable. We are very concerned and in a day or two we will come to a decision on Kingfisher”

- The government in December 2011 defended state-run lenders’ exposure to debt-ridden Kingfisher Airlines and said that loans worth Rs 6,419 crore to the debt-ridden air carrier were not over-valued.The PSU(Public Sector Undertaking) Banks as per the “Master Debt Recast Arrangement (MRDA), a portion of the debt was carved out and issued as cumulative redeemable preference shares(CRPS), which was subsequently converted into equity shares of Kingfisher Airlines at a price of Rs 64.48 per share on March 31, 2011, as against the prevailing market price of Rs 39.90 per share. Currently the market price of KF is around Rs 10.4 per share. What a great loss to Banks? How can the PSU Banks be do dumb?

- Civil Aviation Minister, Ajit Singh said “You can’t close down a company just because they are making losses or banks are not giving them money”

- Corporate Affairs Minister, M. Veerappa Moily, had said that the airline has to be saved and that the government would go up to the last point.

Now, finally, the DGCA – like cops in a Hindi movie, who come to the scene only after the hero has bashed up the villains – came into its own.

On Saturday, October 20, 2012 the DGCA suspended the Kingfisher flying licence.

Sounds like  it is all over for Kingfisher?

The CEO of Kingfisher, Sanjay Aggarwal, has gone on record to claim that “this is not a cancellation, but a temporary suspension.”