Bigg Boss Season 6 winner: Urvashi’s 50 lakh Vs. Imam’s millions hearts

13 Jan

Salman Khan Announces Bigg Boss 6 winner

Bigg Boss 6 winner – Urvashi Dholakia

Finally the winner of Bigg Boss Season 6 has been announced; surprisingly Urvashi Dholakia goes home with Rs50 lakh and the Big Boss trophy. It really makes us wonder if the winner is actually decided using votes of people or by the Bigg Boss team. Sometimes you feel that the decision is based on the voting but blessed by the final verdict of celebrity host Salman Khan. It’s kind of funny to see that the voting lines of the Bigg Boss were open till Saturday, but the Grand Finale in which the winner was announced, actually took place on Friday. If we go by the people’s choice, without any question Imam is the true winner.  You ask any person following the show from Day 1, he/she will only say Imam. A lot have been said, especially by Urvashi about Imam not respecting women, ill-mannered etc. etc., but the audience who have seen the show from Day 1, whole heartedly support Imam. Imam’s popularity is quite evident, be it Facebook, Twitter or any article on Bigg Boss, Imams supporters have spoken everywhere in huge numbers.

Bigg Boss contestants in water except Urvashi

Bigg Boss contestants in water except Urvashi

Imam’s greatest drawback was he being too straight forward and not being politically correct at times. There were moments where Imam went to the extent of opening his mouth against biggest boss Salman Khan, which might have gone against him in the final decision. One great quality of Imam which everyone lacked in the hose was not talking about anyone behind their back, he was a kind of person who used to play silly pranks, but was never part of any housemate gossips. Bigg Boss winner’s decision was quite evident in the penultimate show when all the contestants except Urvashi were forced to enter into the cold water of the swimming pool. The audience who followed the show completely should agree that Salman’s soft corner for Urvashi was quite evident in his Friday’s appearances on the show.

So what makes Urvashi the final winner remains a big mystery, but one thing is sure it’s not just the votes which decides the winner. Urvashi definitely has won Rs 50 lakhs but undoubtedly Imam has won millions of fans all over the world.

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