Bigg Boss Season 6 Winner-Imam, Niketan, Rajeev, Sana or Urvashi: Will India pick the best one?

10 Jan

With Bigg Boss finale few days away, a lot have been speculated about the winner of the Season 6. Bigg Boss is no doubt an adult show, but apart from all the negativity to attract the viewers it also does a good job of teaching some unknown qualities of life which everyone possess. How to manipulate emotions in everyday life is probably the best lesson to be taken away from the show. Compared to previous seasons this year’s show was by far the most decent one, Gandhiji’s monkeys installed in the garden area of the house was a clear indication from the producers of the show that this time they were very serious about axing the abusive language used so frequently in the previous seasons. Now the time has come to announce the winner in few days, as an intelligent viewer it’s our duty to promote the genuine person out there in the house and like in previous seasons we are sure that people will again select the best person from the lot.


Imam Siddiqui - Bigg Boss Season 6 finalist winnerImam Siddiqui entered the house on Day 42 and during his initial days was the most hated house mate on the show. He was even evicted out for his misbehaviour on Day 44 and was again brought back in on Day 52, since then he has been very much part of the show and has gathered much fan following to a point that he is now considered as the best person to win the show. The biggest quality of Imam is that he is down to earth, very straight forward, doesn’t talk about anyone behind their back( like other house mates) and loves to entertain the viewers with his stupid and mischievous actions. He surely has his own set of issues like everyone but underneath seems to be a person with a very nice heart.


Niketan Madhok - Bigg Boss Season 6 winner finalistNiketan Madhok has been the part of the show from Day 1; probably the biggest factor to have kept him in the game so far is his friendship with Urvashi. He seems to be a manipulative person who changes his game as the situation demands. Niketan has really high hopes to win the show as he seems to be going thru a financial crisis in his personal life, which he revealed on the show. On the show he tries his best to stay away from the controversies, he has this good ability to act according to the situation and keeps his cool during the tough times. On the show, so far he hasn’t done anything to entertain the users but has surely used his smartness to manipulate the people and situations to his favour.


Rajeev Paul - Bigg Boss Season 6 winner finalistRajeev Paul’s entry in the house has been mainly because of his ex-wife Delnaz  being part of the show. Bigg Boss probably for the sake of making the show interesting invited both Rajiv and his ex-wife for the season. Rajiv initially tried his best to impress Delnaz, but it was quite evident that the effort to get close to Delnaz was to stay in the game than to actually reconcile. He has got close to a young house mate Sana Khan whom he regards as a very good friend. Rajeev has been very vocal on the show and has been part of many verbal arguments with Imam. He has been not so popular among the other house mates and the viewers of India, but definitely has played the game smartly to be part of final list of contestants.


Sana Khan - Bigg Boss Season 6 winner finalistSana Khan is a very pretty young contestant who lacks the smartness to identify good people around her. Sana’s biggest hurdle to win the show is her closeness with Rajeev. She has been a good entertainer, a great dancer who has given her best in the show. She seems to be a good person with a fluctuating mind-set. Sana has been manipulated by other house mates many a times for their advantage. She is young and without a doubt lacks the smartness required to win the show.


Urvashi Dholakia - Bigg Boss Season 6 winner finalistUrvashi Dholakia is the most mature contestant on the show; she is very smart and very well knows which card to play at what time. She is the one who can be friend to an enemy if the situation demands. At times she had been very vocal on the show and has shown her aggression on various people and things in the house. She is also considered as one of the strong contenders for the title, but her last week’s actions against Imam and others will surely go against her. She seems to be a very arrogant person who cannot be friend to anyone without a reason.


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