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FDI – In hands of two-faced Politicians of India

8 Dec

Finally the drama of FDI in multi-brand retail came to an end with government of India winning votes in both the houses of parliament in the support for allowing FDI in multi-brand retail in India. The good things that came out of this episode were the true faces of our netas/ministers who are the so called leaders of our country responsible for paving the best path for modern India.

In Lok Sabha speakers from 14 out of 18 political parties spoke strongly against the FDI which included Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP) and Samajwadi Party(SP) speaking against the government, but when it came down to voting BSP and SP walked out of the parliament making their vote not accountable and thus helping the Government win. Truly for these ministers their speech means nothing when it comes down to real action. Mulayam Singh Yadav the leader of Samajwadi Party did a compelling speech and strongly criticized the FDI coming in Indian retail market. BSP representative Dara Singh Chauhan warned that “people are anxious over the impact this policy can have on their lives. They fear the multi-national companies will take away their livelihoods. The government should not rush with it.” One thing that clearly comes out is that these netas/ministers keep their personal motives and benefits above the interest of our country and whatever they say it simply means nothing and is of zero value.

In Rajya Sabha BSP leader Mayawati gave full support to government’s proposed policy for FDI, God only knows why she took a ‘U’ turn when only two days ago her representative had spoken against it. Samajwadi Party like in Lok Sabha walked out moments before the voting started and thus helped the government to again come out victorious in Rajya Sabha on the issue of FDI.

The UPA Government seems to be very excited about FDI in retail, but the question still remains the same is it going to help we citizens in any way? Sibal says the new stores will probably open only in 18 cities of India and on the other hand contradicts that it will create new jobs and help farmers our country. How can opening new shopping malls in just 18 cities benefit Indian farmers and create jobs, if it is really for India then why only 18 cities why not all across country. Sibal said the foreign company would be forced to invest 50 million dollars during first three years of their tenure in infrastructure and back office operations. Are our ministers and bureaucrats honest enough to track the 50 million in the interest of our country? We all know how this 50 million will generate new ways for corruption in India.

Well we think that there is no point in debating this now as the decision is already taken to get FDI in retail markets in India. Finally like ever again the voice of Indians have gone to the deaf ears of our greedy politicians and law makers of our country who for their personal motives and aspirations force unwanted things to the throat of innocent citizens of India.

To lighten up things here are some funny FDI cartoons floating out in the internet world:
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