Akbaruddin Owaisi: Dividing India with his hatred speech

4 Jan

Akbaruddin Owaisi, politician or a terrorist? Image-pardaphash.comAkbaruddin Owaisi an MLA and floor leader of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen(MIM) in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly gave a two-hour long inflammatory speech on December 24 2012, he was addressing a rally of twenty to twenty-five thousand Muslims in the Nirmal town of Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. On 28 December 2012, an Advocate K. Karunasagar filed a petition in a local court in Hyderabad against Akbaruddin Owaisi for hurting the sentiments of Hindus, and for making inflammatory, derogatory and offensive remarks. Karunasagar received three death threats on the night of filing the petition.

The speech definitely had clear remarks against Hindus, but for the sake of the integrity and unity of our country let us categorize this speech as against the humanity. Let’s not make Akbaruddin Owaisi the voice of Muslims as he wants to be portrayed, Muslims in India or anywhere around the world are not the supporters of terrorism so how can they support Akbaruddin Owaisi who in his speech appreciates the Mumbai bomb blasts and respects Ajmal Kasab. Akbaruddin Owaisi only represents evil which has no place in the world, he is not a Muslim or a Hindu, he just another Neta/Minister who is trying to divide India for his political motives by playing with the emotions of innocent Muslims.

It’s a shame that such self-proclaimed leaders are roaming freely in our country. Shame on the government of Andhra Pradesh that no immediate action was taken on Akbaruddin Owaisi whose provocative speech had the potential to create thousands of Ajmal Kasab on the streets of India. Director General of Police (DGP) V Dinesh Reddy blamed the Urdu speech for delay in action. He said “There may be slight delay in view of transcribing the speeches due to the language (Urdu) factor”. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy told reporters that the government had no role in the matter and it was for the police to take action as per the law. Sounds like the DGP or the Chief Minister are least bothered about what is going on in their state. It’s a shame that a chief minister like this has been given the charge to maintain law and peace in the state. Recently in Maharashtra two girls were arrested in less than 24 hours for a harmless Facebook post while this disgraceful Akbaruddin Owaisi who is currently in London is roaming free after his hatred public speech.

Here are some statements from Akbaruddin Owaisi’s hatred speech:
1. Supports Mumbai Bomb blasts by providing Babari Mosque demolition as the reason, terms the blasts as reaction to the action against Muslims.
2. Refers Ajmal Kasab as ‘Son’. Compares Kasab with Narendra Modi, asks for death penalty for Modi.
3. He says if the Muslims of India get united like Muslims of Andhra Pradesh, very soon Modi will be seen hanging.
4. He says if we Muslims leave this country we will take the Red Fort, Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar along and you Hindus will be left with the Ayodhya’s deserted Ram temple and naked statues of Ajanta and Ellora.
5. He says when Muslim dies they get buried in the land because they love the land and if Hindus die they are burnt and their ashes just disappear in air.
6. He says we Muslims are 25 crore and you Hindus are 100 crore, remove the police from streets for fifteen minutes and we will tell who is more powerful.
7. He refers Hindus as namard(impotent) and says even 1 crore impotent Hindus cannot create 1 person like Muslim.
8. He provokes the Muslims by asking them not to be afraid of police or anyone and motivates Muslims to take law in their hands if required.
9. He refers BJP as snake who can be killed by a thin stick. Refers the stick as ‘Namaz’ and ‘Quran’
10. He says, instead of microphone if he holds something else(weapon) in his hand, there will be bloodshed in India which India would have never seen like before.

Watch the hatred speech video of Akbaruddin Owaisi:

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